We’re having a… {Our Baby Gender Reveal}

On Friday afternoon my husband and I took the short drive over to our local hospital for our 20 week scan. I always find this scan a little scary because there’s so many health things to check and measure. Thankfully, everything went well and our baby is looking strong and healthy.

this is our 20 week baby scan

As soon as we were told that everything looked good, I could relax and take in the magic and amazement of what was on the screen. Our little baby was wriggling and moving around in front of our eyes. Little tears of joy rolled down my cheeks, I felt so overwhelmed with happiness and excitement. My husband held my hand throughout, just as he has in our other scans with Lili and Poppy.

Then, at the end of the scan we were asked the big question – did we want to know the sex of our baby. At this point my husband and I looked at each other and smiled.

And we found out that we’re having a…

Baby Running in Lavender due in March 2016 x

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35 comments on “We’re having a… {Our Baby Gender Reveal}

    • He was way to enthusiastic and excited, I kept having to tell him to calm down before we told the girls. I thought he was going to burt it out before I could get the camera on. Thank you hon xx

  1. Wow congratulations Heledd this is fantastic news. I have two younger sisters and we definitely had the most exciting happy childhood together. So pleased for you and your family xx

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  3. Huge huge congratulations that’s amazing three girls lucky lady!!! So happy for you all. Love the pumpkin. The girls are too cute talking to grandparents I love it.

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