Last Sunday, the sun came out to play and we headed out to Box Hill, in Surrey with Miss Marnie from MamasVIB. Box Hill has long been one of our favourite nearby beauty spots but it now offers even more opportunities for outdoor fun with a new ‘Play Natural Trail’! This circular trail starts and ends at the top of the hill, close to the shop and café, where we managed to park and pick up a free trail map to help us find our way round.

box_hill_8 box_hill_11 box_hill_4 box_hill_5 Box_Hill_15 box_hill_18 Box_Hill_16 box_hill_1
The fun trail includes a series of stop-off points, where the kids (big and small) can play in wooden shelters, climb bridges, jump across stepping stumps, swing on ropes and balance on logs. Everything on the trail has been made from natural materials and has been built to withstand some serious ‘hard play’. We really enjoyed the trail, the girls excitedly ran from one attraction to another and spent time climbing, stepping and playing at each stop. The trail took us (with all our playing) around 90mins. We then spent some time relaxing, playing and rolling on ‘the hill’.

Box_hill_19 box_hill_12box_hill_17 box_hill_10box_hill_2 box_hill_3

As you can see we had a fun day out! The trail and the views are free (although there is a charge of £4 for parking as it’s part of the National Trust), which means it was also a very cheap day out. We will be back soon to enjoy another day on the hill – looking down on the beautiful Surrey Downs.

What Katy Said
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Have you ever noticed that your dress sense/ style seems to change while you’re away on holiday? I realised this as I was looking through our recent holiday pictures. I have what I call my ‘holiday dresses’ that I only seem to wear when I’m away. I’m not sure why this is, as I really like these dresses but for some reason don’t have the confidence to wear them in the UK, as they’re slightly more revealing or loose.

My holiday style mainly consists of a sun hat (again… which I never wear in the UK, even on the hottest days), a pair of dark sun glasses, flat sandals (a must for running after my girls) and a cool, loose slip dress…

holiday_style_5 holiday_style_4 holiday_style_2

Shop the look…


1. Topshop dress £38

2. Monsoon hat £15

3. Ralph Lauren Glasses £111

holiday_style_6 holiday_style_3 holiday_style_1

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As the evenings will now inevitably start drawing in, there is one thing I’m looking forward to more than anything else… and that’s my pyjamas! I am a total sucker for a pair of satin pyjamas but don’t tend to wear them as much during the summer months, usually opting for a light cotton nightdress or vest, if it’s a really hot night!

My idea of the perfect wintery night in involves a sofa, a good film, a blanket and a pair of comfy pyjamas – bliss! In my working days (not that being a SAHM is not working, by the way!) I used get in from work and literally jump straight into my pyjamas before doing anything else. It felt like such a release and the clothing equivalent of a big, reassuring hug. I know I’m not alone in feeling this way! My pyjama heroes have to be these holy trinity of the pyjama world; Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s (of course!), Audrey Tautou in the iconic Chanel advert and wait for it (guilty pleasure time) the new pyjama queen herself, Kourtney Kardashian – who seems so spend most of her time in a pair of satin pyjamas.


Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany


Audrey Tautou in the iconic Chanel advert


The new pyjama queen Kourtney Kardashian

Not only do I love lounging around in my pyjamas, although I wouldn’t go out in them! They’re also one of my favourite things to shop for and are always on my Christmas list. Here are my current top picks from the new Rosie for Autograph range at Marks & Spencer


Luxurious Satin Revere Pyjamas £35



Luxurious Satin Revere Pyjamas £35



Luxurious Satin Revere Pyjamas £35

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If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you may have already seen a few of these shots but I thought I’d collect them together is this special little post.

This is the story of two little flower girls, one named Lili and the other named Poppy. They love picking wild flowers and sharing stories of fairies and elves. One day they played in the most beautiful of gardens…

French Garden 4 French Garden 8 French Garden 6 French Garden 5 French Garden 3French Garden 9French Garden 7French Garden 10Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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You may have already read the fist part of my week in Provence posts, where I wrote about our fist stop on this little tour of the Uzes area. Here’s the next instalment…

After spending two beautiful nights in the deep Provence countryside, we moved on to an 18th Century village house, just outsides Uzes. This house had 4 bedrooms (yeah, I know a bit over the top but it was great to have space for the girls to run around), 2 bathrooms, a large living space, a kitchen, a balcony and a private pool. In short it was perfect!


We literally couldn’t believe our luck when we arrived, it was beautiful and so massive! I’d seen picture on the AirBnB website but they really didn’t do it  justice.

House5 House2 House3 House6

The kitchen was such a dream to cook in. Normally I like going out to eat when we’re on holiday but having two little ones means that this can be a bit of a chore, especially at night time when they’re tired. So staying in was so much easier and it meant we could spend more time in this beautiful house. Plus I get a funny kick out of using a new kitchen, it feels like playing ‘house’ – if you know what I mean?

For breakfast Dom and Lili would drive over to the local bakery (or boulangerie) while Poppy and I snugged in bed, which meant we had fresh croissants ever morning.

House7 House9 House10 House11

We were staying in the heart of the Provence countryside and it was just as you’d imagine, full of fields of grape vines and sunflowers, beautiful sandstone buildings with grey shutters and vineyards galore! Obviously having the girls with us meant that a vineyard tour was out but we did come across the Haribo museum, which was a big hit!

Uzes Uzes3 Uzes10 Uzes15

The town of Uzes is old and so typically French that I felt like we were walking around in an old French movie. Everywhere I looked was a new picture opportunity, a beautiful building, an antique shop, a pretty little coffee shop, a walled garden, a medieval tower – the list went on and on. They had a market on Wednesday morning, which was a real treat and inspired us to have a picnic in the park.

Uzes14 Uzes12 Uzes11 Uzes16 Uzes18

My personal favourite thing about Uzes was all the gorgeous French antique shops, they were just amazing! I literally could have spent all day going from one to another but of course the girls were not as interested, so I had to make do with the odd quick peep.


I’m already looking forward to going back to Provence next year!

Mama and More

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