Today is the 1st of December, which means we can really start to revel in all the usual Christmas traditions; advent calendar, Christmas tree, house decorations, festive songs on the radio and mulled wine. This lovely list goes on and on…

For us the Christmas season started on Saturday with the school Christmas fair. It was a great day, with all the usual stalls and activities. We saw Santa, won some jingling pens and fluffy purses in the lucky dip and a bottle of pink Cava on the bottle stall. All in all it was a pretty successful day for our little family. Lili was feeling very brave and decided to do a rendition of Let It Go on the ‘big mike’ – bless her, I felt so proud. I was never that confident at her age.


There was an odd red light in the grotto, which is why I’ve made the picture black and white and it’s a little grainy.

Yesterday, we decided to pop up to our local garden centre to visit the reindeers that had arrived over the weekend. Yes, I mean real reindeers (although I was a little worried at how thin they looked, lets hope they get fed well over the next month).There was also a festive teddy bear hunt around the large shop, with seven wintery teddy scenes to find. We were given an adventure sheet at the beginning of the visit to take around and fill with stamps, which were placed at each ‘wintery scene’. The girls love it, they ran from one to another as we followed the arrows and clues.

I love how garden centres make such a big effort at Christmas. It’s such an easy and cheap way to entertain the children, while also supporting a local business. I felt so festive leaving there yesterday, I bought my usual Cath Kidston Christmas mug and a festive Yankee Candle (Christmas Garland, in case you were wondering).

Dec7 Dec4 Dec8 Dec9 Dec10 Dec11 Dec12

After we got home it was time to decorate the tree!! This is one of my favourite things to do. We listened to a selection Christmas tunes on Spotify, while we got the decorations out and decorated the tree. Lili really got involved this year for the first time, which made it extra special. Although, she could only really reach the bottom branches of our eight foot tree. Bless her, her enthusiasm more than made up for it.

Dec21 Dec20

I now feel ready for Christmas to really begin. This morning the girls opened their advent calendar for the first time and we named our Elf on the Shelf ‘Thomas’ – don’t ask me why! I’m still confused myself but that’s what the girls went with.


So there we go, the start our festivities. I love Christmas!

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