Writing this blog, gives me the opportunity to write about all the things I love – the things that make me happy and bring a smile to my face. One of my most favourite things to do (and we’ve literally done it every year since Lili was born) is to go up to the Mayfield lavender fields near Banstead, in Surrey.

The first year we went up, Lili was around five weeks old and just a tinny bundle in my arms. At the time we’d lived in the area for over ten years and I was amazed that this beautiful place had passed me by for so long! The following year, Lili had just started walking and enjoyed the vibrant colour and gorgeous smell for the first time. I was pregnant with Poppy the year after, and by now Lili was strong on her feet and ran through the beautiful rows of lavender – there was literally no stopping her!

Last year Poppy joined us for the first time and Dom and I took turns in carrying her (as she was around 7 months old) while we all played and again ran through the fields. We had a picnic and made a big day of it. As you can tell, this little ritual of ours has become a real event in our summer calendar – and is the inspiration behind the name of my blog.   Here are some shots of this years trip…


You knew it was coming… running in lavender




Lili picking me some lavender.



Dom and the girls…



My little baby in lavender!



Lili in lavender



The girls taking it easy at the end of our visit.

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