Today was Lili’s first day at school and therefore a big day in our house! She was so excited about meeting her teacher again, making lots of new friends and wearing her new school shoes – which we got from M&S last month and I totally recommend! Almost half the price of Clarks and looked lovely, super comfortable and good quality.

I know you’ve probably read hundreds of these posts this week but as a blogger who writes about her life, I really couldn’t let this special occasion pass without documenting it.

First Day at School

Lili woke up this morning and ran into my room shouting ‘mum, today’s my big day’ – so my attempt at playing it down and not overwhelming her didn’t work then! On the plus side she was not nervous and happily stepped into the school hall by herself without even looking back. I felt giddy with adrenaline and very emotional, I’m glad she didn’t look back and see the tears in my eyes.

First Day at School

First Day at school

At 3.15 I picked her up, she was still smiling and told me she’d had a great time. Although she couldn’t remember what she’d actually done. Oh well the smile was enough for me!

First Day

Hope all the 4 year olds out there had a great first day at school xx

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