Dressing up with the Bear

I’ve now been blogging for almost three years and it always amazes me the things that pop through the post. This week we were sent a bear dressing up kit from the people at Bear Nibbles, along with two of their newly revamped Alphabites cereal boxes. When Poppy saw the face paint kit, she got very excited and demanded I paint “a beautiful rainbow” on her face immediately! When I explained to her that she needed to dress up as a bear she gave me a look that said “are you serious?”. She’s definitely more goldilocks than bear, if you know what I mean. She has to be the girliest girl I’ve ever known!

On the other hand Iris is too little to have an opinion, so we decided she’d make the better (and cuter) bear cub.

Poppy did have a go with the ears though and was happy to tuck into the cereal, which she likes to eat dry like they were crisps or popcorn. I don’t mind though, because they’re much healthier than crisps and as she doesn’t eat any fruit (I know, it’s a problem) this is a good snack option for her.

The new Alphabites boxes are very cute! They’re shaped like Bears, with actual pop-up ears, arms on the side and a pom pom tail design on the back – and of course a friendly little bear face on the front.

I’ve mentioned this before but we love Bear Alphabites. They’re 100% natural and contain no added refined sugar or salt, which means they’re also a great snack or breakfast option for Iris, our youngest little cub.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.