What I’ve Been Watching on Amazon Prime

I recently wrote a blog post on what I’ve been watching on Netflix, because I love reading what others are watching and thought I’d share some of my favourite finds. Today, I’m doing the same with Amazon Prime. If you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber you’ll know that there are hundreds of movies and box sets available for you to enjoy at home for free. Here’s what I’ve been watching and enjoying recently on Amazon Prime…

1. The Marvellous Mrs Maisel (Season 1 and 2)

Now this for me is quite simply TV Gold! I love the fifties styling of this multi-award winning sit-com, based on the unravelling world of a recently separated jewish house wife and her secret life as a stand-up comedienne. Honestly, this is a real treat and I can’t wait for season 3.

2. New Amsterdam (Season 1)

This hectic hospital drama based in New York definitely reminds me of ER and Greys Anatomy but as it’s based on true events and adapted from a book it has a more ‘real’ feel that’s very compelling. If you like medical dramas, this is definitely one for you.

3. Just Add Magic (3 Seasons)

I must admit, I watch this one with the kids. It’s all about three young girls who find a magic recipe book and centres around their adventures while making the various recipes. It’s a very cute little drama and the girls and I love watching it together.

4. Life in Pieces (3 Seasons)

This is a sit-com that we recently got into. Each episode is split into three pieces or stories (hence Life in Pieces) based around three generations of one family. I’d say this is easy watching at it’s very best.

5. This is Us (Season 1)

I got a little obsessed by This Is Us! To say this multi-generational family drama is an emotional rollercoaster would be a massive understatement but don’t let that put you off, because it’s amazing and well worth watching. It’s also full of surprising twists that will keep shocking you with every episode. Be warned, you will need tissues at the ready!

6. Molly’s Game (Movie)

This is the true story of an Olympic skier turner underground poker mogul, who is targeted by the FBI. Based on the autobiography of Molly Bloom, this film is compelling and had me gripped from the firm few minutes. Also, it stars one of my favourite actors Idris Elba!

7. I, Tonya (Movie)

All I knew about Tonya Harding was that she was an ice skater and that she and her ex-husband were involved in a violent attack on a rival ice skater back in the 90s. This film tells the story of Tonya’s tough life and how events unfolded to lead up to that fateful attack. Margot Robbie is simply amazing as Tonya.

8. UnReal (3 Seasons)

Now I’m the first to say that this is ‘trash TV’ and my husband definitely does not watch this with me – but it’s my guilty pleasure. It’s a glossy drama based in the reality TV world of (their version) The Bachelor. If you don’t mind a bit of trash TV, give this a go.

9. Flebag (Season 1)

This is another dark sit-com that I’ve been obsessed with. Yes, it’s dirty, wildly inappropriate and slightly uncomfortable to watch but it’s also hilarious and brilliantly acted. Season 2 is currently on the BBC iPlayer and I honestly can’t stop thinking about it. I think this might be my favourite show of the year, so far!

10. The Good Fight (2 Seasons)

This is a spin-off from the massively successful The Good Wife. The Good Fight sees Diane Lockhart join a new firm, where she has to prove herself within her new surroundings. It’s a legal drama with lots of political references, so if you enjoyed the The Good Wife you’ll like this one.

Here are a few more shows on my list to watch…

  1. Good Girls Revolt
  2. Famous in Love
  3. Vikings
  4. Homecoming
  5. American Gods

Have you seen any of these? Are there any other films or box sets you’d recommend?