The New Pixi Hydrating Milky Collection

New Skincare Range Alert!! And if you like me need added hydration in your routine this Pixi Skintreats, Hydrating Milky Collection is exactly what you need…

It’s a well known fact that hydrated skin equals healthy skin, which is why it’s important to maintain your skin’s moisture (and hydration) levels through your skincare routine.  An easy way to do this is by using products that are rich and moisturising which is exactly what the new Pixi Hydrating Milky Collection offers. The products are perfect for anyone (like me) who needs more hydration to keep their skin firm, healthy and youthful looking.

Lets start with the Hydrating Milky Cleanser. This cream cleanser is rich and moisturising and suitable for all skin types including; sensitive, dry and combination skin. I found this ultra-nourishing cream cleanser to be very luxurious and an absolute pleasure to use morning and evening.

Although, you would need the extra help of the Hydrating Milky Makeup Remover to cut through any waterproof or long-wear makeup after you evening cleanse. This moisturising makeup remover is strong enough to tackle the most stubborn eye, lip and face makeup but still gentle enough to leave your skin hydrated and nourished.

Now if you enjoy the ritual of exfoliating your skin a few times a week, this gentle Hydrating Milky Peel is a great choice. It delicately removes dead skin cells to brighten your skin, leaving it feeling super soft and glowing with health. It’s a brilliant mid-week skin ‘pick-me-up’ treatment!

I often skip the toning phase of my skincare routine but whenever I come back to it, I’m reminded of the clear benefits of this important step. Which is exactly what happened here! This Milky Tonic calms, balances and hydrates the skin and I loved the results on my skin. Pixi are well known for their famous Tonics – and this is another classic.

Now lets talk about the concentrated hydration of the Hydrating Milky Serum. This nutrient-rich serum has a lightweight formula that instantly restores dehydrated skin.  Think of this step as your skincare boost, for when your skin just needs at little extra help. You could then follow this up with the light Hydrating Milky Lotion, which contains an ultra-moisturising blend of Coconut Oil, Cocoa Bean Extract and Shea Butter for super hydrated, soft skin.

I really can’t fault this range, it does exactly what it says on the box and it does it well. This is a carton of hydrating milk I’m more than happy to recommend.

These products were gifted to me with no obligation to review.