Ten Way To Stay Motivated

Do you need to find ways to be more motivated?  When all you want to do is watch TV or read a book! I definitely have days, where my to-do list seems endless and by lunchtime nothing has been done, especially during lock-down when my mornings are take up with home-schooling three kids.

It would be so easy to just veg on the sofa all afternoon with the remote in one hand and a pack of chocolate buttons in the other but alas that is not helpful or constructive.

Here are ten tips to stay motivated…

  1. Exercise with a friend

I wouldn’t do anything without the motivation and energy I get from exercising with a friend. Meet at set times and days, then you have no excuse to get out of it. You’ll be amazed how much easier and more fun running with a mate can be.

2. Be flexible

Your plan is not your goal, so be flexible with it – as long as you keep your eye on your main goal it doesn’t matter how you get there. Play around with your plan and make sure it doesn’t control you.

3. Stay in control

Talking about control… It’s important to stay positive and keep control of your thoughts. Negative thoughts will influence you and take your control away. Let go of the negativity and things will happen.

4. Avoid the negative noise

Negative people can be just as damaging as negative thoughts. They will influence you, hold you back and make you lose focus. You know who these people are and you know how they make you feel. Surround yourself with people who support you and boost your self-esteem.

5. Take responsibility

There is only one person who’s responsible for your success. – And that’s YOU! Mistakes, failures and tragedies will hit us all but the way we respond to these situation will define us and it’s our responsibility to learn and grown from these times.  This is definitely an area I need to work on but having this in my mind always helps.

6. Look after yourself

Eat well and eat regularly.  Take care of your body, eat the right foods, workout and give yourself a break when you need it. Listen, I’m no health or fitness guru but we all know what we should be doing, so do it!

7. Keep your eyes on the prise

You know what you main goal is, it could be a long-term goal or a daily goal, either way focus as much attention as you can on your goal. Don’t get distracted, and focus your mind on your success. Reaching goals take dedication, passion, and hard work, which is why they are so rewarding when you get there.

8. Try something new

Try something new every day. You won’t enjoy everything you try but at least you know you’ve put yourself out there, and you never know when you’ll come across that one things that becomes a new passion.

9. Learn from your mistakes

As I’ve already mentioned mistakes and failures will happen, but that is part of life. Even when you make a mistake, stay positive and learn from your failures. Evaluate the situation… What happened? What went wrong? What could you have done differently? And what would you do next time?

10. Don’t be passive

Never be passive! Be strong, be kind and stay passionate. Try to work towards what you want, and reward yourself for your hard work. As much as I’d love to sit on the sofa all afternoon, that sofa feels so much better at the end of the day when I know I deserve that ‘chill out’ time.

Bonus Tip: Most importantly, be kind to yourself!! Treat and talk to yourself as you would a friend.