Stay Stylish in the In-Between Seasons

Styling it up in the in-between season.

These in-between seasons can be tricky to dress for. One minute you feel warm, the next it’s chilly, and when you think you’ve got everything sorted, you need to rethink it all again.

With spring just around the corner and the weather warming up, it’s time to assess what’s in your wardrobe and update where necessary. If you want to rethink your style, here are some top tips and tricks…

Layer up

You may already have a few jumpers and cardigans in your wardrobe and it’s likely you’ve been living in them all winter, but before you store them away in the back of the wardrobe (until autumn), keep hold of your favourites! Instead of wearing them with trousers or jeans, try teaming them with a floaty skirt and trainers for the perfect way to layer up when the weather starts warming a little.

Go long

Long-sleeve dresses look great paired with cute ankle boots or, if the weather’s still not quite ready to let go of the chill factor, wear with tights and flats. The long sleeves will keep you cosy while giving you a chic silhouette.

Styling it up in the in-between season.

Make the switch

By the time spring arrives, you’ll probably be ready to ditch the boots for something that frees your feet. Why not go for an open-toed flat or a strappy sandal. These can work with slouchy jeans or a maxi/ midi skirt.

Add some length

On the subject of skirts, if you’ve steered clear of these over the winter period, now is a great time to swap out the trousers. While it may still be a little too chilly for knee-length options, there are some lovely mid-length options available that nod to the new season while keeping you warm.

Colour it in

Don’t forget about colour! If you’re like me, you’ve been living in a palette of browns, blacks and greys for the past few months – now’s the time to add a burst of colour to your look. Injecting some bright colours into your wardrobe is the perfect way to embrace the season.

Styling it up in the in-between season.

I’d love to know… how do you update your wardrobe for spring?

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