Some Thoughts on Valentine’s Day

Some Thoughts on Valentine's Day

In a few months Dom and I will have been together for twenty years, and by the end of the year we’ll have been married for ten. I tell you this so that you have an understanding of how long we’ve been together and an idea of where I’m coming from. When it comes to Valentine’s Day we’ve always shared cards and a small gifts – and by small gifts I mean a bar of chocolate, bottle of wine or a bunch of daffodils – nothing extravagant or over the top.

As far as I can remember we’ve never been out for dinner on Valentine’s Day, even before we had children and going out was easy. The thought of being in a restaurant with other couples, all sharing the same ‘romantic’ (and over-priced) set menu has never appealed to me.  However, we do normally make an effort to eat together at the table with something a little special (and maybe a candle or two) on the night.

So as you can tell we do celebrate Valentine’s Day in our own way, we definitely don’t spend too much time or money on the day but we make sure that it’s acknowledged in some way or another. That’s not to say that we need a ‘special’ day designed by marketing executives at Hallmark to show each other that we care and appreciate one another – but I think there is something nice about having a day where being romantic is celebrated.

I have a great husband who is kind and thoughtful in many ways but random acts of generosity is not really his ‘thing’. For example, he would never think to buy me a little gift for no reason, it’s just not in his DNA. That’s not to say he wouldn’t buy me something if I asked him, it’s just that he wouldn’t think to do it himself. And I think that’s probably true of most men, especially after twenty years! So Valentine’s Day gives my man a little nudge to get me a little token, which I will always appreciate.

Some Thoughts on Valentine's Day

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? And if so how do you normally celebrate?