Our ‘One Day’ – 10th July

‘One Day’ – Have you read the book? Or maybe seen the slightly underwhelming film, staring Anne Hathaway? Here’s my (much more upbeat) personal version…

On the 10th of July, fifteen years ago I met my husband. We were both at a beautiful summer wedding in west Wales, I was a school friend of the bride and he was a University friend of the groom. After spending much of the day catching each other’s eye, he finally approached me at the bar and the rest as they say is history… but I’m sure you’ll get to find out more as this blog gets going.


Five years later, on the 10th of July (as fate would have it) Dom and I moved in together. At the time we talked about how this was becoming a bit of an important date in our relationship and so continued to celebrate the day every year.

Another five years past and on the 10th July 2009, while on holiday in Provence (one of the most beautiful places on earth!) Dom proposed under an amazing lantern lit tree, cementing this as a truly special day for us.


The spot, where Dom (finally – after 10 years) went down on one knee…

Fast forward another 5 years (one wedding and two babies later – yes it’s been a busy few years) and tomorrow, on the 10th of July I will be leaving my current role as Digital Marketing Manager at Clarins (where I’ve been for the past ten years) to become a full time mum and enthusiastic blogger.


My family…

Do you have a special date, your very own ‘one day’? I’d love to hear your story.

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12 comments on “Our ‘One Day’ – 10th July

  1. Our one special day is Valentine’s Day as it’s my birthday, the day we got together (at my 20th birthday party) and, well … Valentine’s Day! Every year we celebrate it by going away for a winter weekend break – the style and distance of the holiday have changed a little since we’ve had children, but hopefully we’ll continue doing this forever.

    • Valentines Day, oh that’s so romantic! I know what you mean, children do tend to change our world don’t they? But it’s important to have some couple time when you can. My husband and I try to have ‘date night’ whenever we can!

  2. I’ve got something in my eye now Heledd! I love a romantic story :) Our special date is the 13th/14th May – we met on the 13th May and 2 years later we got married on the 14th May (we felt it wasn’t maybe the wisest idea to get married on Friday 13th – I’ve never been superstitious before but we were this time…!)

    So nearly a month in, how are you finding full-time mummy/blogger-hood?!

    Thanks for linking in to #AllAboutYou xx

    • Thanks Hannah

      Yes nearly a month in and I’m loving it! I get to spend the summer with my girls, which is just amazing after working full time and seeing them for only a couple of hours a day. I’ll also get to take Lili to school in September, which is so important to me. Plus I LOVE blogging, it gives me the opportunity to use my brain and not get lonely or board. It’s a win, win!

      Thanks for all you advice and support on twitter, it’s really helped me :) xxx

  3. If only I had thought to try and make all our big occasions on the same date perhaps I would remember them easier. My husband is a big fan of ‘dates’. I tell him every day is special! You guys definitely have a special day though! Lovely story. #sharewithme

    • Thanks Mel. Yeah it was a canny plan, to make sure my husband never forgets – doesn’t meant he remembers every year though! I do agree with you too, every day is special and we do try and make the most of our days together. #sharewithme

  4. What a great story about you and your husband. My husband and I don’t have a special day, but the number 17 means a lot to us. We found out we were expecting on the 17th of May, found our house on the 17th of June, and our daughter was born on the 17th of December. Like your July 10th, 17th of several months are special to us as well.

    Good luck on your new venture being a full-time blogger and mom!

    • Thank you Maria! I’m only a few weeks in but so far I’m having the best time. Should have done it years ago.

      Yes, sounds like the 17th is a good date in your family. Celebrate each one, life is short I believe in celebrating as much as possible ;)

  5. WOW that really is such a special date for you. Did you get married on it too? Congrats on your new job adventure. That’s amazing. So rewarding working on a blog and being home with the kids. Best of luck to you hunny. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. I hope you like my blog hop and to see you again soon. #sharewithme

    • I love your blog and this linkie! Congratulations on both, how long have you been blogging?

      No we got married in November, I wanted a Christmasie wedding!

      Thank you, I’ll be back next week with a post on our wedding ;) Hope you like my new blog too.

      Many thanks!

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