How to Take Care of your Jewellery

Ah, jewellery. Let’s be honest they’re more than just an accessory – very often, they’re a piece of art. For many of us, they can hold sentimental value. Whether it’s a wedding ring, necklace or broach, there’s an item to suit every taste and occasion. If you want to keep your precious pieces safe, here’s how to take care of your jewellery…

  1. Clean them regularly

To keep a piece jewellery looking pristine, it’s essential to clean it regularly. This doesn’t have to be with a “special”, pricey detergent – very often, all you need is the products you already have in our cleaning cupboard.

To wash your items properly, start by pouring warm water into a medium-sized bowl, before adding a squirt of either washing-up liquid or dishwasher detergent.

For an effective solution, mix 1-part cleaner to 3 parts water. If a piece is particularly dirty, you may want to soak it overnight. Just like with dishes, it can help to remove those stubborn stains.

If you’re after a more traditional method, you could use lemon juice; just squirt its juice onto your jewellery before drying it off with a cloth.

  • Store it sensibly

Let’s face, it’s often tricky to keep jewellery boxes tidy. Who hasn’t opened their box and found their necklaces in knots and misplaced earrings?

So, why not replace your box with a more practical storage solution? For example, you could place luxury rings, in individual egg carton style holders. Or you could hang chained jewellery on stands to stop them from tangling – before locking them in a cupboard to keep them hidden and safe.

It’s likely to be far more effective than simply cramming them into a draw or confined box. You could also invest in sealable units for delicate earrings.

So long as you store them sensibly, you’ll be able to keep your jewellery safe for years.

  • Wear them wisely

How we wear your jewellery can be just as important as where your store it. We’re usually very careful when we first buy an item but after a while this tends to wane. Soon, we end up viewing our ‘special items’ as part of us (never taking it off), especially if it’s our wedding or engagement ring.

Important jewellery should, after all, feel natural to its wearer. The only thing is, that your piece will lose its sparkle more quickly.

To avoid this problem, wear yours wisely. For example, make sure to remove rings before you wash your hands or apply lotion. Similarly, try not to wear jewellery while bathing or swimming.

In addition, don’t just leave your silver jewellery in its container, because silver becomes shinier the more it’s worn. At the end of the day, it’s made to be worn – so wear it!

A piece of good jewellery is a luxury item – so it’s only right that you should want to keep yours safe. Follow these tips, and you’ll easily be able to enjoy them for many years.