Florida Holiday Packing Tips

A Florida holiday is not like any other holiday, to be honest you’ll need a holiday to get over this full-on, non-stop journey of joyful exhaustion.

I found packing (especially for myself) a lot more tricky than usual. Why, you ask? Well, usually I pack some pretty summer dresses, a pair of flip-flops and a dressier pair of sandals (for the evening) and a few swimsuits and I’m done. However, Florida in August calls for clothes for all seasons, as well as comfortable shoes for all the walking, and an easy to carry bag.

These are my top tips for packing for a Florida holiday, I hope you find them useful if you’re planning your own Florida trip…

Belt Bag

I got this gorgeous belt bag from Village Leather and it was a complete lifesaver on park days. It’s big enough to carry all my essentials, such as; phone, cards, money and wet wipes. Yes, it’s basically a bum-bag but made of 100% leather and super stylish. I can’t recommend this bag enough, because believe me any other style of bag would just get in the way!

A Good Strong Umbrella

Florida may be the “sunshine sate” but believe me they also get a lot of rain, especially during the summer months. And of course it’s still going to be hot, so wearing a raincoat can be an uncomfortable and sticky affair. So I found that a good, strong umbrella was essential when you needed to dash for shelter. If you opt for a UV umbrella, it can also double as a shelter brolly on those incredibly hot days.

Denim Shorts

I’m not normally a “shorts” kind’a girl but honestly in the Florida heat, they really are the most comfortable and suitable option – especially as you’re climbing on and off rides all day. I found the best places for good-fitting denim shorts were H&M, Marks and Spencer and Zara. However, my favourite pair were the ones I made myself out of a pair of loose-fit Mens jeans. I simply tried them on, made a mark where I wanted to cut them, then using a pair of sharp scissors cut them to the perfect length.

Anti-Chafing Shorts

These were a God send on days or nights (which are just as hot and humid) I wanted to wear a dress or a skirt. They’re basically thin cycling shorts that stop your thighs from rubbing. These clever ones from Marks and Spencer also have ‘cool comfort’ technology for extra comfort.

Comfortable Shoes

Your shoes need to be comfortable and ideally waterproof or made from material that will dry quickly. These original Teva sandals are perfect and look super cool too.

A fan

Yes, you will also need a good electric fan because (as I’ve already mentioned a few times) Florida is hot! Especially from April – October. I got this inexpensive one from Amazon, which was a total life-saver.


I don’t normally wear much make-up on holiday but as the cameras are always out when you’re in Disney or Universal Studios a good foundation makes sure your complexion looks flawless in all those important pictures. I love IT Cosmetics CC Cream with SPF 50 – it’s light but gives great coverage and obviously has a brilliant level of spf. Secondly, you’ll need a good waterproof mascara because if the humidity doesn’t get you, the rain or the water rides definitely will! I used the Big Look Waterproof Mascara by PUR, which was perfect!

Summer Sun Beauty Essentials for Holiday

A jumper

Lastly, don’t forget to pack a jumper, hoodie or cardigan because the air-conditioning in some of the restaurants out there is so strong, it feels like you’re sat in a fridge-freezer. We had nights where we had to go and stand outside (to warm-up) while we were waiting for our food.

So there you have it my top packing tips for a Florida summer holiday. You’ll also need your favourite sunglasses but I think that goes without saying.