Erborian Colour Pen – A Lip Stain I Actually Like!

Let’s talk lip stains. If I’m being completely honest (as the title would suggest) they’re not normally my ‘thing’. The ones I’ve tried in the past have been drying and I’ve not liked the general look and feel of them. Basically, they leave my lips looking like I’m still wearing remnants of yesterday’s lipstick – not like I’ve just applied a fresh coat. Hopefully you get the picture, it’s just doesn’t look good.

Having said that, this Erborian Colour Pen* – which is a lip stain in pen form, is different, I do like this one!!

The shade I have is Hot Cherry, a mid-to-dark red that’s perfect for day or night and has the staying power of a good few hours. For example, I applied a coat on my lips this morning (at around 9am) and it lasted without fading until lunch time.

The cute looking pen has a clever nib that makes it easy to draw around your lip line perfectly, and then even easier to fill in the rest. The liquid needs to completely dry before you can add anything else (if you want to) on top.  As I’ve already mentioned, I normally find lip stains drying but the hyaluronic in this stain makes a big difference and counteracts any dryness. You can build the colour up by applying more and more layers, until you have your desired level of colour.

Erborian Colour Pen - A Lip Stain I Actually Like!

This cute Colour Pen also comes in Sweet Poppy, which is a lighter, more pinky red. These Erborian Colour Pen are available to buy online here.

*this product was given to me to try with no obligation to post.