Becoming A Party of Five – {A Pregnancy Announcement}

Yes , you read that right A Pregnancy Announcement!

We are expecting baby number three…

Announcing our pregnancy. Yes a new baby is on the way.

So there we go, the secret’s out. I’m now sixteen weeks pregnant and finally getting my head around the shock of this little miracle. Luckily I’ve had no sickness or nausea but the tiredness has hit hard on a few occasions. Also, my tummy has definitely popped out a lot sooner this time round – although all the chocolate I’m craving can’t be helping.

Here’s a little video that includes the moment we told the girls that we’re having another baby…

I always thought we’d have two children, so after Poppy was born almost three years ago I felt so blessed and so happy to have my two little girls. Fast forward three years and I honestly thought that our baby years were behind us. We’ve sold our baby things and all my maternity clothes are long gone – so we really are starting again!

If I’m being honest it’s taken me a while to get used to the idea of having another baby and going through this whole process again. This means I didn’t feel the usual joy and excitement I associate with finding out that I’m pregnant. Questions like… “What will this do to our family dynamics?” and “Will the girls’ bond be split by the arrival of a new sibling?”.. all went around in my head. I’ve struggled with so many different feelings over the past couple of months but my husband’s support and infectious excitement has helped me through.

I’d say I was in denial for the first few weeks and didn’t tell anyone about our news. I told my mum when I was nine weeks and a few close friends but even then I was in shock and not really enthusiastic about sharing the our secret.

I also felt incredibly guilty about not being excited, and was worried that I would never feel the level of joy that I felt with my other two. However, the second I heard the heartbeat for the first time and saw these amazing images on the screen, I knew everything was going to be fine and that this little baby was going to complete our family.


Announcing our pregnancy. Yes a new baby is on the way.

Last week we told the girls that I had a ‘baby in my tummy’ and their reaction (although shocked initially – as you can see from the video) was wonderful. They’re both over the moon and keep talking, hugging and kissing my bump at every opportunity. They’re both convinced it’s a girl and are currently coming up with names, including; Rose, Isabelle and Evie…. the list goes on and on.


Announcing our pregnancy. Yes a new baby is on the way. Announcing our pregnancy. Yes a new baby is on the way.

So here we go again! I will be sharing all my experiences with you all on this blog and on my YouTube channel over the next six months. Please join me on this unexpected journey, as I prepare to become a mum of three and we as a family get ready to become a ‘party of five’.


Announcing our pregnancy. Yes a new baby is on the way. We're going to be big sisters.

Baby number three is due mid March 2016.