Shopping with the Girls – H&M Kids Autumn Fashion


We’re now a few weeks into the summer holidays and I’ve suddenly realised that my oldest two have grown out of most of their casual/ play clothes. They’ve both literally shot up in the past few months, which means lots of their dresses, trousers and tops now look too short on them. So yesterday I took the girls to H&M Kids to pick out some new play clothes. You know what I mean, good value, quality, comfortable clothes that are suitable for playing in the garden, park or anywhere else they find themselves over the summer holidays. These girls love to run, jump, climb, swing and play so their clothes need to be very durable – but also look good and be stylish.

I think it’s good to give them the opportunity to choose their own clothes when we’re out shopping, it teaches them to be independent and helps them create their own sense of style. Of course I’m there to make sure they choose items that match, or at least look nice together but on the whole I give them free rein to pick what they like. Also, by doing this I know that they’ll be happy to wear the items they’ve chosen, because believe me we’ve had some arguments about not wanting wear some of the clothes I’ve chosen for them!

H&M Kids is the perfect place to give them the opportunity to choose their own clothes because the prices are so reasonable – and they often have some great deals on offer! So I know they’re not going to pick an inappropriately expensive item to wear to the park.

At the moment H&M have a great Top and Bottom Deal, where you can pick two items (one top and a pair of trousers or a skirt) for only £6.99. When I saw this offer I told the girls they could pick two outfits each. Here’s what we got…

And here’s what the girls chose…
HM.11HM.16 HM.12 HM.9 HM.8HM.20 HM.7 HM.2 HM.22 HM.6

Disclaimer: This is a collaborated post.