The Super Sour Yoyos Roulette Challenge

super sour Bear Nibbles Yoyos

What do you reach for when you’re out and about and the kids need a quick pick-me-up? A piece of fruit? My fruit always tend to get bruised and battered in my bag and sweets are way too sugary!! So I tend to opt for a BEAR Nibbles snack. The kids feel like they’re getting a sweet treat (i.e. sweets) and I know that each pack contains the same amount of natural sugar as an apple.

Our favourite ‘on-the-go’ snack has to be BEAR Yoyos, who have just launched a new version with an exciting twist – or should I say zing? My girls absolutely love theses fruit & veg snacks but I wasn’t sure how they’d get on with the new sour flavours, with a tantalising ting of lemon.

BEAR Nibbles recently sent us a fun game to introduce them to the new Super Sour Yoyos. The girls called it The Bear Yoyo Challenge (they obviously watch way too much YouTube challenges!). It was basically a fun, kid friendly version of Russian roulette or spin the bottle with a tasty prize after each spin. Would they land on the ‘normal’ Yoyos or the zingy new sour ones?

super sour Bear Nibbles Yoyos super sour Bear Nibbles Yoyos super sour Bear Nibbles Yoyos

As predicted, the girls loved every single flavour (new and old) and were more than happy to play this game until we ran out of packets. As you can imagine we spent a little more time brushing their teeth that night but at least I knew that they’d both had a good quota of fibre and vitamins for the day.

So how do BEAR make these new Yoyos ‘Super Sour’? It’s simple, they use the juiciest lemons to help tickle your little ones’ taste-buds. Everything else stays the same, there are still no nasties in their recipes and they only use gently baked whole fruit and veg – with no added sugar, concentrates, gumming agents or any other nonsense.

super sour Bear Nibbles Yoyos

The new Super Sour Yoyos are available in three tasty new recipes; Strawberry & Apple, Mango & Apple and Blackcurrant & Apple. All three have been a big hit with my big girls. They honestly see them as treats, so it’s worth carrying a few packs around with me as bargaining tools when we’re out and about.

super sour Bear Nibbles Yoyos

Disclaimber: This is a sponsored post.