Iris’ New Wheels – The SmarTrike Infinity 5 in 1

Now that Iris is past her first birthday it’s time for her to move on to her first bike… okay maybe not a bicycle, more a tricycle.

We were recently sent a SmarTrike Infinity 5 in 1 Tricycle to try. We actually had the box for a few weeks before we set about putting the trike together as we had five weeks (yes, five!) of chickenpox (one girl after another). It was a pretty frustrating time, as we weren’t able to leave the house and all we wanted to do was get out and have some fun. Anyway, after many weeks of looking at the box Dom finally assembled the trike last weekend, which he said was remarkably quick and easy.

So what makes this a “5 in 1” trike?

It’s actually a five phase buggy that turns into a trike. The Infinity Trike is suitable for babies from 10 months – the younger the baby, the more the trike is like a buggy. The ‘first phase’ has a reclining seat, a full harness and an additional safety bar protection. The ‘second phase’ has an upright seat position, which gives your baby the ability to hold onto the handle bar and play with the toy phone. In both these phases, the baby doesn’t use the pedals – they use a footrest and there’s a steering handle (with five different handle heights) for us parents, to easily push the trike/ buggy around.

As your baby gets older the real transformation occurs. At 18 months you remove the canopy (this is phase 3) and at two years the footrest is removed and replaced with pedals (this is phase 4). The fifth and final phase is to remove the parent steering handle and let your toddler free to roam the land on his/her own. The buggy is now a trike!

As we are now fully clear of any chickenpox (thank goodness) and the sun’s out, we decided to introduce Iris to her new set of wheels. We positioned the trike at phase 2, so that Iris could sit up and make the most of the little toy phone in front of her, which she loved, along with the comfy, padded seat and the sturdy safety harness. On a personal not, I loved the on-board storage and spacious bag that’s fixed to the back of the steering handle.

Having tested the SmartTrike Infinity at phase 2, I can tell you that this is a great buggy alternative. Most of our wheeled toys stay in the garden or sit in the shed but this one is practical and can definitely be used outside of our garden walls.

Most importantly, Iris loved it!! On our first trip to the park she beamed with delight, looking around like she was seeing the world in a new ‘more grown up’ way. She sat upright, holding onto the handlebars and looking so proud of herself. As if she was in full control of this little vehicle of hers. Of course, she was not in control but I think it made a welcome relief from her usual buggy.

This Infinity SmartTrike comes in grey, red, blue and purple and costs £129.99 from Toys R Us. I think it would make an excellent first birthday present, if you’re struggling for ideas for yourself or for grandparents.

Disclaimer: We were sent this SmarTrike Infinity 5 in 1 Tricycle in return for an honest review.