Putting Their ‘Rite’ Foot Forward With Start-Rite

Yes, it’s time to start thinking about the new school year. Having gone though the uniform draws, I’m happy that everything is still looking good and still fit the girls (having upsized last year), so all we need to worry about are the obligatory new school shoes (and possibly stationary because you always need new stationary at the beginning of the school year, am I right?).

Back to the shoes…we were contacted by Start-Rite (my shoe brand of choice for kids) who offered the girls a pair of shoes each to start the school year. Obviously, I was thrilled! Did you know that Start-Rite work with biomechanics experts to create shoes that support a child’s developmental needs? No, me either but they do!

After a quick look online my big two opted for the new HOPSCOTCH shoe in leather. They’re also available in patent leather, which are gorgeous but for some reason (which is lost on me) patent leather is not permitted at our school.

And Iris who’s starting nursery in September (and won’t be overlooked), chose the pretty Daisy May pair.

I have to say, I really liked both styles, so thankfully I didn’t have to do any persuasive bargaining – which is normally how it goes in our house.

The HOPSCOTCH pair are new for Autumn 2019 and are available in size S7 through to L2 and in four different width fittings from E through to H. If you’re worried about ordering shoes for the kids online (as I was), worry not because Start-Rite have developed a great app which you can download for free and includes a 3D measuring tool. You simply print off a grid, which is emailed to you and take a few photos on your phone to measure your child’s feet and get their Start-Rite size.

The key features of the new HOPSCOTCH style (from £44.99) shoes are:

1.Riptape fastenings enable adjustability, easy wearing and a more comfortable fit.

2. Enhanced protection around the toe, heel and side of the foot and are more scuff resistant, helping the shoes last longer.

3. Flexible sole, which has been biomechanically designed for primary school age feet.

4. Padded ankles and cushioned insoles ensure comfort and full support.

Having gone through the process I can tell you that the shoes arrived quickly (within two days of ordering) and the quality of each shoe is exceptional.

Start Rite also offer a free and easy returns system, so you can buy with confidence, knowing that if the shoes are not right in any way, you can simply exchange or request a full refund with no questions asked. Now doesn’t that sound better than going to a very crowded city centre shoe shop with your kids?