Things the girls are loving lately {Now TV and Mini Miss KG shoes}

In some ways my big girls are growing and maturing so quickly. For example, what they’re watching on TV is changing and they’re slowly developing an interest in fashion and beauty, an interest that certainly was not there before.

Thankfully, they no longer want to watch the dreaded Pig but they do still watch Ben & Holly, which I don’t mind as I actually enjoy that one.  Also, Poppy has started taking a real interest in jewellery and clothes, and Lili’s getting into nail varnish, shoes and sun glasses!

Here’s a taste of what they’ve been loving lately…

Lazy Days and NOW TV

Both girls love being home enjoying lazy days, and with all the recent wet weather, we’ve had plenty of opportunities for chilled out sofa days. Now TV have recently launched a new ‘Kids pass’ on their digital streaming platform and the girls are loving it! This afternoon we’ve been indulging in back-to-back episodes of their new favourite show The Haunted Hathaways through our Now box. It’s a US children’s sitcom about a mother and her two daughters who move into a house haunted by three friendly ghosts. It reminds me of something I would have watched as a child (although, maybe not as young as Poppy!).

Truth be told, I think Poppy would have been just as happy watching back-to-back Bubble Guppies or Dora in the City – which are also available on Kids pass.

Miss KG Shoes

As I mentioned, the girls are getting very interested in shoes – so when these gorgeous, glittery ‘Wild Child’ espadrilles arrived from Mini Miss KG (Kurt Geiger’s amazing new kids range), they were both over the moon.

Lili had a cinema party on Saturday and before she’d even decided what she was going to wear, she told me “…well I’m definitely wearing my new shoes”. She ended up wearing a white floaty top, jeans and of course her new favourite shoes!

Play-doh TOWN

The one thing that doesn’t seem to be changing is their mutual love of Play-Doh. Given the choice, Play-Doh is an activity they’ll always choose when we’re relaxing at home. Yes, it can be messy but to be honest they’re kids and kids are messy – so I’ve learnt to embrace the mess and their insistence on mixing the colours (which used to give me slight anxiety).

We were recently sent this Play-Doh Town set to test and as you can see it’s been a massive hit. They love playing ‘ice-cream shops’  and creating different ‘flavours’ to ‘sell’ to each other.


If I’m honest, I never really understood the Lush craze, I found the overwhelming smell of the shops so off-putting I never even ventured inside. However, the girls were given some bath bombs last year and now they’re hooked, and I totally understand why – they make bath-time fun and exciting in a non-childish way. The girls enjoy all the colours and smells that come with the bubble bars and bath bombs. And I like the fact that they’re made of 100% natural ingredients.

lush bath bombs

It does seem crazy to me that my three year old daughter is already showing an interest in beauty products and clothes but what can I do? She’s her own person and I definitely don’t want to suppress that in any way.

What have you been loving lately?