Watch this on NOW TV now!

We’ve had NOW TV for years now. It all started as a way for us to watch Game of Thrones, without having to get Sky or have a dish stuck onto the side of the house. The plan was to pay the monthly Entertainment subscription for three months, and then finish. Five and a half years later and you’ve guessed it, we’re still subscribed to the service – and that’s simply because the offering on the Entertainment package is so good!! How else would we have watched Succession this year? Unfortunately, it’s about to come off the service but if you get the chance to watch Succession (any other way) you should, it’s easily the best thing I’ve watched all year!! The last episode of season two was simply brilliant, it had a climax of epic proportions!

Since Succession will soon be gone, I thought I’d make a list of other great shows you can catch on NOW TV now – and all perfect box-sets to get into over the Christmas break…

Downton Abbey

Take another opportunity to visit this national treasure of a drama. I recently watched it all again from the beginning (before going to the cinema for the recent movie release) and I loved every episode. There was so much I’d forgotten, and missed the first time round. It’s definitely worth a revisit.

True Detectives (series 3)

I loved the first series of this time-spanning detective drama, but wasn’t so keen on the second series. The third series however, is back to the glory of season one. Yes, some concentration is needed here but it’s well worth the effort. It has a mystery that will keep you guessing to the bitter end.

Catherine the Great

I’ve always said that I would watch Helen Mirren in just about anything. And this is a role she was definitely born to play, she embodies Catherine the Great completely and beautifully. Whether you know all about the famous Empress of Russia or know nothing at all about her, you will be utterly gripped by this very grand dramatisation.


This is another real-life must-see! Most of us think we know what happened on that deviating night in Chernobyl but we don’t (until you watch this acclaimed series) know the half of it. This brutal dramatisation is not easy to watch, at times it’s very difficult but it’s a story that must be seen to be believed. It’s also a story that (no doubt) will stay with you forever.

The Loudest Voice

Russell Crowe and Sienna Miller are unrecognisable in this dramatisation of the life of FOX News founder Roger Ailes. I’ll be honest I knew nothing about this man before watching this real-life drama, and am now astounded by what this man achieved and was able to do (and get away with) in his life-time. Be prepared to be shocked and have your eyes opened!

Big Little Lies

For anyone who hasn’t already seen Big Little Lies – one where have you been? and two, get on with it!! It’s a glossy star-studded drama, that covers both light and very dark story-lines. I was gripped after the first ten minutes and knew that it would become a firm favourite. Running throughout the story is a murder mystery, which runs along with the every day lives of parents at a primary school in Monterey. I’ve already watched series one twice.