And it’s all over for Pre-school

In the interest of being positive and happy, I’m going to try and focus on the fact that the summer is here! It’s warm and sunny and we have six (or is it seven?) weeks of fun ahead of us. Deflecting from the fact that I’m feeling very emotional about my baby finishing pre-school and moving on to the big school in September.


Lili on her way to pre-school on the first day

Yesterday was Lili’s official last day, which was celebrated by having a big picnic in the park – with all her pre-school friends, parents and teachers. Everyone was presented their pre-school report and played games while us mums sat and watched on with a tear in our eye. It seems silly to feel so emotional about what is inevitable and in fact a positive move but to me it marks a real turning point. Come September she’ll be moving on and becoming even more independent, mixing with new friends and influences. I know I’m being slightly dramatic about this and when the time comes, I know I’ll be completely proud and happy for her, as she’s very excited about the prospect – but today I’m just going to wallow a little in what I can only describe as the end of a very happy and cute year in her life.

The lovely poem that Lili's teacher gave her as we said goodbye

The lovely poem that Lili’s teacher gave her as we said goodbye

As you may already know, I finished work last week to become a full time mum (follow the full story) and the girls also finished going to the child minder we’ve known and loved for the past three and a half years. So yesterday was another “end” and for someone (like me) who doesn’t deal well with change, I’m really starting to struggle.  On the plus side, we have a lovely summer planned in Wales and I honestly can’t wait to get going! Today we’ve spent the day playing in the garden with lots of water and bubbles, laughing and signing – so I can’t feel too bad!

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