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I’m Heledd (Welsh – in case you were wondering) or simply H to my friends. After working in Digital Marketing for over ten years, I decided to take a break to look after my two (now three) daughters and concentrate on this blog! I live in south London, with my husband Dominique (half French, again in case you were wondering) and of course our beautiful girls.

This blog is a place where I share special moments, ideas, inspirations, recommendations and basically ramble on about the things in life that I love and make me happy.

Running in Lavender is primarily a family lifestyle blog with lots of beauty, fashion, travel and “mummy” bits thrown in for good measure – along with lots and lots of pictures!

Getting to know me…

Things that make me smile: cashmere, pancakes on a sunday morning, Wales (especially the coastline), a big kitchen, pasta, game of thrones (I’m obsessed), beauty products, daffodils in spring, scented candles, milk chocolate, Ribena (but it has to be Ribena light) and of course running in lavender – with my girls!

Things that make me frown: having to wait, dieting, camping, the underground, bad fast food chains, strong/ overpowering perfumes, coffee, rainy days, hand sanitisers and feeling scared.

Why did I call my blog Running in Lavender? Find out here.


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