5 Stunning Places You Can Reach From London By Train In Under An Hour

London has a lot of train stations and whilst it is true that many visitors use this vast network just to negotiate the city itself, they also act as gateways to the rest of the UK. In under an hour, there are hundreds of fascinating locations you can visit by simply hopping on a train at one of London’s many famous stations and here I’ll focus on 5 of the very best London adjacent adventures.

Cambridge – One of the most historically and culturally vibrant cities in the UK, Cambridge is a mere 50-minute train journey taking the London Kings Cross to Cambridge route. The Centre of Cambridge is the perfect city break or day trip for locals and tourists alike. The historic city boasts not only the iconic University and its stunning Botanical Gardens but some of the best pubs in the world and a cultural heritage that’s reflected by the numerous festivals and events that are scattered throughout the year. There’s never a bad time to visit Cambridge.

Warner Bros. Studio Tour – The home of all things Harry Potter, this studio tour/theme park is located on the grounds of the studio stages where the adventures of the boy wizard were actually filmed and have become a pilgrimage point for Potter fans all over the world. It’s only a 20-minute train ride from Euston station too!

Surrey Hills and Chiltern Hills – Whilst London itself might not exactly be swimming in greenery, there is plentiful countryside less than an hour’s train ride from the centre of the city. The Surrey Hills are made up of around 163 square miles of incredible views and have been designated an outstanding area of natural beauty for more than 50 years. The Chiltern Hills, meanwhile, offers classic English countryside strolls and the spooky and fascinating Hellfire Caverns.

Southend – London is not as far from the seaside as you might think. Whilst Brighton is a little further afield, Southend-on-sea is only a 50-minute journey from Fenchurch Street station and boasts not only the longest pier in the world but its very own theme park.

Hever Castle and Leeds Castle – There are few things as innately British as a good castle and there are two rater stunning ones within an hour’s train journey of the capital. Hever Castle is a glorious 13th-century construction that was once home to Anne Boleyn (the first wife to be executed by Henry VIII), whilst Leeds Castle (don’t let the name fool you) is a medieval structure with its very own hedge maze.

Whether you’re a Londoner that wants to escape the city for an afternoon or an international tourist that feels the need to expand your horizons, I’ve only scratched the surface here. There is a world of adventure awaiting those willing to look for it and there is no better way to start that adventure than by train.