I’m Going to BritMums LIVE – Sponsored by Lumie

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Yes, I’m very excited to be attending BritMums Live this year! Especially as I’ve been nominated (for Fresh Voice) in the BIB Awards, which take place on the Friday night.


Here are my answers to the I’M GOING TO BRITMUMS LIVE linky…

Name: Heledd or if you prefer, just H

Twitter & Instagram ID: @HeleddLavender

Height: 5ft 2″

Hair: Shoulder length, brown

Eyes: Brown

Is this your first blogging conference? No, I attended Blogfest at the end of last year and am booked to go to Blogtacular the week before BritMums LIVE.

Are you attending both days? Of course, I don’t want to miss a second of it.

What are you most looking forward to at BritMums LIVE 2015? There are so many things! Hearing Deliciously Ella talk, the BiB Awards, seeing friends, meeting new ones and being able to talk about blogging all weekend. That’s just off the top of my head but there are so many other things.

What are you wearing? I have no idea! I guess it all depends on the weather and how I’m feeling nearer the time. It’ll be something comfortable, that makes me feel confident.

What do you hope to gain from BritMums LIVE 2015? I’m excited about meeting new brands and talking about possible collaborations. I also hope to pick up lots of tips and get an insight to future trends. Yes, I admit it, I’m a blogging geek!

Do you have any tips to pass on to others who haven’t been before? I’ve never been to BritMums before but my conference tips would be…

1) Wear something comfortable that makes you feel good. This is not the time to try a new style.

2) Don’t be scared or feel nervous to talk to anyone. We’re all in the same boat.

3) Smile as much as you can

4) Bring your phone charger

5) Don’t forget your business cards and make sure you hand them out!

6) Above all, take it all in and enjoy yourself

I’m attending BritMums LIVE with Ruth from Lumie (Bodyclocks) who are my sponsor for the weekend. Make sure you come and say hi if you’re interested in working with them too. I know she’ll be happy to chat to you.


If you’re going to BritMums too, please let me know. I can’t wait to meet you all in a few weeks!!


I’m going to BritMums Live

Me and Mine – May

Another month has come and gone and it’s time to join in with the ‘Me and Mine’ family portrait project. It’s been a busy month of doing nothing, if you know what I mean? We started the month by visiting two National Trust gardens and enjoying our first picnics of the year. On the first weekend we went to Sheffield Park in East Sussex and the following weekend we went to Claremont Gardens in Surrey.


We also had a weekend with our friends the Mini Travellers. They invited us to stay with them in their lovely home in Cheshire before going to Blackpool the next day. Our families get on really well and we had a great day at Nickelodeon Land, where we had been invited to meet Poppy Cat!

The past week has been half term, which has been lots of fun! We’ve had play dates in the park most days, it’s been great watching the girls run free with their friends, while I manage a catch up with the other mummies.

family2 family5

5 things that have made me happy this month:

Watching The Affair (on Sky Atlantic)

Making it to the BiBs 2015 Finals for Fresh Voice

Picnics from (wait for it) Lidl. Their bakery is amazing!! Who knew?

My new MacBook Air

Shopping in Zara


5 things that have made my hubby happy this month:

Watching Game of Thrones (on Sky Atlantic)

Listening to The War on Drugs’ latest album

Going out on his bike

Reading Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

My pasta salad


5 things that have made Lils happy this month:

Watching and reading Alice in Wonderland – she loves this story

Listening to the Annie soundtrack

Talking about her imminent birthday party

Making homemade lollipops

Pesto pasta


5 things that have made Pops happy this month:

Reading The Singing Mermaid by Julia Donaldson

Baking Carrot Cake with me

Meeting Poppy Cat

Having picnics

Wearing her shinny red ‘pretty shoes’


Have a good month!!

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My Captured Moment #21

Welcome to My Captured Moment, a weekly linky where I share my favourite ‘Captured Moments’ and invite you to do the same.

This week my ‘My Captured Moment’ is a cute little snap I took just over a year ago in our kitchen. These two really are the best of friends and often share big cuddles (just like this) but what makes this special is that I managed to captured the moment on my phone’s camera. Usually I’m not quick enough and trying to get them to recreate a hug is always met with a resounding ‘no’!

I now have this picture blown up and framed, hanging on my living room wall. It will always be one of my favourite shots, a perfect Captured Moment.my captured moment

Share your Moments

Your ‘My Captured Moment’ can be a single picture or a series of shots, new (taken this week) or old, with or without words. The idea is to simply share a moment in time you’ve captured on your camera and make sure it doesn’t go unseen. This could include vintage shots of your own childhood and beyond or a simple picture you’ve recently taken and want to ‘show off’.

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How To Be “Beach Body Ready” Without Dieting


beach, body, ready,

It’s getting to that time of year, May half-term is upon us and the long summer months are ahead. This means, summer dresses, shorts and possibly a bikini if you’re (lucky enough) to be heading off on holidays.

With this in mind I thought I’d share my top tips for looking your very best this summer. This is how to be “beach body ready” WITHOUT DIETING!

First of all, be confident and embrace the beauty and wonder of your own body. When you feel confident,  you carry yourself differently and instantly you appear taller and slimmer. That being said, there are a few little tricks you can use to enhance your body’s beauty.

1) Exfoliate – Give your body a quick polish a few times a week (in the shower). This will rub off any sign of dead skin and leave your body flake-free and super soft. It will also increase the effectiveness of any lotions and potions you use after!


I love this Clarins Tonic Polisher


2) Moisturise – Make sure your skin is silky smooth and beautiful ‘dewy’ by moisturising your body after a shower or bath. It’s an easy quick step, that makes all the difference! Top tip: apply your cream or lotion to damp skin, this will speed up the absorption and make it easier to rub in.


Here are my current top picks from Kiehl’s, Liz Earle and Avene.


3) Self-Tan – This has to be my best tip! If you want to look good on the beach or round the pool, fake it! A healthy, sun-kissed glow makes everyone look slimmer. It’s a fact that Gok Wan made perfectly obvious every week in his show ‘How to Look Good Naked’ a few years ago.


You can’t go wrong with anything from St Tropez


4) Body Oil with added colour and sparkle – I love these oils! I use them in the evenings when I’m on holiday – for that added shine and glow that leaves your skin looking radiant.


My all time favourite is this Nuxe Dry Oil For Face, Body and Hair


5) Bronzer & Highlighter – We all know that we can use a bronzer and highlighter to contour our face but they can also be used to contour and enhance your shoulder bones, cleavage and even your stomach (if you’re flashing that extra bit of flesh). Simply brush on, as you would on your face to shade and highlight.


This Bronze Goddess Bronzer has to be my obvious choice!


With these little tips you’ll be sure to look your very best this summer. Also, don’t forget to wear a hat, use a high SPF and stay in the shade where it’s cool and comfortable. This will mean you don’t get too hot and sweaty, you don’t burn and you’ll stay looking cool and fabulous throughout the day!

Thrifty tip! Always check out voucher sites like VoucherBin (www.voucherbin.co.uk) before buying your beauty products online. After all, it’s aways good to save some money, when your about to go on holiday.

Whatever you’re up to this summer, I hope you have a great time and stay out of the midday sun!

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My Zara Obsession – And Picks From The Current Collection


zara, style, fashion, collection, dresses, tops

My name is Heledd and I am a Zara-aholic. I make no excuses for my Zara obsession because well,  I have none!  I love the styles, quality and pricing of the Spanish high street brand. Their Spring/ Summer collections are always my favourite but this year they’ve really upped their game and I’ve found myself getting enticed to buy more and more.

To give you an example of what I’m talking about, here are just a few of my favourite pieces. I admit, I have indulged and bought more than a few of them… (*including the top/ jacket I’m wearing in the picture above –  which has now sold out!)



I love this pretty dress and yes, this one is already hanging in my wardrobe. It’s a bargain at £25.99


I’m a sucker for a denim dress and this one is very cool. It has a great shape and I love the colour £59.99


This would make a perfect holiday dress, it’s simple and casual, yet effortlessly stylish £39.99


Did I mention I’m a sucker for a denim dress? This one is totally different from the last one but just as cool. It’s the kind of easy ‘chuck on’ dress that would see you through summer £35.99


This dress is a bargain at £15.99 and I know I’ll be wearing it again and again over the next few months. I’ve also got this one in black and a red and navy stripe design.


This is the type of dress I wish I could wear. I love everything about it, from the colour and style but as I’m vertically challenged at 5″2, it’s a no go. I’ll just have to admire from a far £109.00



As you may have noticed, I’m really into the ‘peasant’ look and this top is another item I’ve got my eye on £25.99


This is such a pretty top and one I’ve already worn a few times with ripped jeans £25.99


Something a little different here but I had to include this lace top. I wear it with a bright colour top underneath for a dramatic look £29.99

So there you have it, just a few of my favourite pieces from the current Zara collection. But don’t take my word for it, have a look for yourself at the gorgeous dresses and tops.

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Beauty Hub Q&A with Sarah from Extraordinary Chaos

beauty hub

Welcome to this month’s Beauty Hub post, where I ask my blogging friends about their beauty routines and favourite products. A few months ago I shared my favourite beauty products and recommendations in a post called My Beauty Hub Q&A. This month my lovely friend Sarah who writes a fab blog called Extraordinary Chaos is sharing her favourite products and answering the same Beauty Hub questions…

1) What is your day time make-up uniform?

I always wear Clinique Even Better Foundation as it gives great coverage without being too thick. I also love YSL touch éclat, and Mac Mineralizer Bronzer. These are my 3 staple items that I can’t do without.


2) What do you use to wash/ cleanse your face?

I am a little lazy and use baby wipes to cleanse my face but I always moisturise with Clinique Youth Surge Creams.

3) What is your most indulgent beauty product?

My Jo Malone perfume, I love it and have quite a few different fragrances. If I could, I’d have them all!

4) What is your favourite supermarket beauty product?

It would have to be Veet waxing strips, I never have time to go to the salon, so I do my own waxing.

5) Do you have a favourite body product?

This is my weak area, I do moisturise but I usually buy whatever’s on offer and smells nice.

6) What would be your desert island beauty item?

Definitely YSL touch éclat, if I haven’t got this on I look and feel awful.


7) What is your number one hair care product?

I have just discovered Cloud Nine Magic Potion which is the best product I have ever used (and as I’m a hairdresser that’s a huge claim). I also love Neal & Wolf Guard and Glow.

8) You’re at a Spa, what treatment would you choose?

A massage or something relaxing.

9) Do you have a signature scent?

Jo Malone Amber and Lavender.


10) What do you use in the bath?

Again anything that’s on offer and smells nice.

Over the next few months I’m going to be asking some of my blogging friends the same questions and serialising their answers in this Beauty Hub post. If you’d like me to feature you in My Beauty Hub, please copy these questions and email me you answers (heleddinlavender@gmail.com), along with your blog URL, social media details and a picture of yourself.

Thanks for taking part Sarah xxx

My Captured Moment #20

Welcome to My Captured Moment, a weekly linky where I share my favourite ‘Captured Moments’ and invite you to do the same.

This week my ‘My Captured Moment’ is a sneaky shot my husband took of me and the girls a few weeks ago at Claremont Gardens, a beautiful National Trust venue near us here in Surrey. I really feel like this shot captures a moment in time and the stunning garden makes a perfect backdrop.

Poppy is now getting really heavy so I’m very aware that I won’t be able to carry her for much longer and she’ll soon become the ‘big girl’ she keeps talking about. My little baby is growing up but I’m not ready to let go yet!

my captured momentFor more information on the MOTHER top I’m wearing in this picture click here.

Share your Moments

Your ‘My Captured Moment’ can be a single picture or a series of shots, new (taken this week) or old, with or without words. The idea is to simply share a moment in time you’ve captured on your camera and make sure it doesn’t go unseen. This could include vintage shots of your own childhood and beyond or a simple picture you’ve recently taken and want to ‘show off’.

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A Day Out With Poppy Cat at Nickelodeon Land

The girls were thrilled the other week when I told them that Poppy Cat had invited us to visit her at Nickelodeon Land in Blackpool. Our little Pops was especially excited to be meeting one of her favourite cartoon characters and (of course)namesake. Looking back I probably shouldn’t have told them straight away, as I was asked daily from then on ‘when are we going to meet Poppy Cat?’

Finally the day arrived last Saturday. We travelled up north on Friday night and stayed with our friends the Mini Travellers, who live an hour away from Blackpool (where ‘Nickelodeon Land’ is part of the famous Pleasure Beach). We arrived in time for opening at 11am with five very excited little girls, all under the age of five.

Instantly, the excitement of Nickelodeon Land took hold and all the colours and different rides filled their big eyes. For the next few hours we ran from one ride to the next, going up and down, round and round, floating on a boat and bouncing in a car. You name it we did it!!

nickelodeon.land3 nickelodeon.land2 nickelodeon land

Then just after lunch the girls finally got a chance to meet, cuddle, dance and play with Poppy Cat. She made three appearances throughout the day, so we managed to catch up with her a few times!! As well as some of the other famous Nickelodeon characters.

We had such a great day up in Blackpool. The weather was bright and sunny, the crowds were low (which meant no, or very little queues) and the girls were on good form! For them, it was pretty much a perfect day! Meeting their TV heroes, going on ride after ride, pizza for lunch, ice cream in the afternoon and hanging out with their new friends from Mini Travellers. The two big girls (Lili and Lily) were inseparable all day and went on many rides together – on their own I might add. Most of the rides in Nickelodeon Land are designed for young kids so there were no issues with height restrictions.

poppycat.4 poppy.cat.7 poppy cat, nickelodeon, nickelodeon land poppy.cat.1 nickelodeon.land4

That night we stayed at The Big Blue Hotel, which is part of Blackpool Pleasure Beach. This meant we could easily walk back to the hotel and have a relaxing night after our very busy day! Our family room was split into two, one section was designed for the kids, painted pale blue, with bunk beds and TVs on the wall – which the girls loved.


I have a family ticket (2 adults and 2 children) to Nickelodeon Land to giveaway! So you too can take your little ones to meet their favourite TV characters. To enter, simply follow the instructions below…

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms & Conditions

Thank you so much to Poppy Cat and ‘her people’ for inviting us to Blackpool and organising this fun weekend. If your little ones like Poppy Cat as much as mine, they can follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest or visit her very own website.


Sisters in May – The Siblings Project


I’m finding it hard to believe that we’re almost half way through the year! I mean seriously, where is the time going? Wasn’t it  only Easter last week? On the plus side we are only a week away from half-term and truth be told, this is my favourite time of year! We have bank holidays aplenty, school holidays and it’s my (and Lili’s) birthday.

Yes, little Lili was born four days after my birthday. At the time I remember hoping that she was not born on my birthday. As cute as it would have been to share a birthday, I knew that I wanted to keep my day for me and wanted my baby to have her own ‘special day’. After all, who wants to share their birthday? – Especially as a child, when you think that the whole world revolves around you!

Knowing that her birthday is now only a few weeks away, Lili is giving us a wish list of suggested birthday presents on a daily basis. She’s now at an age where she knows exactly what she likes (and wants) and is being quite specific with her requests. I blame YouTube for most of the items on her list! Both girls have recently got obsessed by watching YouTube videos of people opening ‘blind bags’, Shopkins and Kinder eggs. It’s literally their new favourite thing to do and will happily share an iPad and go from one video to the next for as long as we allow them. They also, watch people playing with Barbie style dolls and play doh.

I’m not too sure how all this came about? Looking back, I think it was probably my fault! I remember showing them the ‘Let It Go’ Frozen clip on YouTube before we got the DVD. From then it’s been a downward spiral of random Frozen clips, Anna and Elsa doll vlog reviews and then onto these current videos.

One thing that has recently dawned on me is that our kids will be the first generation to grow up watching YouTube. How much TV will they end up watching in years to come? Will they just watch YouTube or will TV shows make a comeback? Regardless of the future, all I can say is that for now they are both YouTube obsessed and know exactly what they want to watch.


sisters.2 sisters1 sisters.5

These ‘Sisters in May’ shots were all taken on Bank Holiday Monday in Sheffield Park. That morning we packed the car and drove the hour journey down to the National Trust favourite with a picnic and our new Cannon EOS camera. The Gardens at Sheffield Park were simply gorgeous and we had lots of fun running around, eating our picnic and spotting the numerous baby ducks.


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A Snap Trip Special Offer! Fancy £50 Off A Half-Term Family Break?

snaptrip, half-term. cottage

Half-term is literally a week away, what are your plans? Are you going abroad or staying home? Let me ask you another question, do you fancy a ‘Snap Trip’ here in the UK?

Snaptrip is an online holiday rental website that offers over 5,000 properties here in the UK. They will help you find the right holiday home at the right price as they are “committed to offering the best range of properties at the best guaranteed price”.

They also promise that they…

1) Personally select all properties to guarantee the quality

2) Always offer the best possible price

3) Work closely with the owners to ensure the highest level of customer care

4) Always treat customers and partners with integrity and respect.

5) Can offer everything you need on one website – instant bookings at great discounts.



To tempt you further the gorgeous people at Snaptrip have offered all you Running in Lavender readers £50 off any booking made between the 22nd May – 29th May. Simply use promotional code LAVENDER when booking and you’ll receive £50 cash back. So what are you waiting for? Here are some of my favourite options for the upcoming school holidays…

Lismore Cottage in Munster – after discount would be £177 for three nights. (sleeps 4)


A Beautiful Pembrokeshire Cottage – after discount would be £295 for three nights. (sleeps 6)


Willow Cottage in Kent – after discount would be £336 for three nights. (sleeps 4)


Whatever your plans for the half-term holiday, I hope you have a great time! Lets hope for beautiful weather.

*This is a contributed post but I only agree to promote brands that I respect and would happily use myself.