Watch this in Lockdown…

Normal People – BBC THREE

One industry that’s definitely ‘winning’ during these ‘unprecedented times’ has to be the TV streaming providers. I’m talking; Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney +, Now TV and Apple TV. After all, if you’re going to be locked in your house, some light entertainment is pretty essential… am I right?!

All the above providers have definitely been essential in our house, let me tell you. So what have you been watching/ binging? Like everyone else (I know) we’ve watched Tiger King (Netflix), which I found disturbing and worrying on so many levels – it probably warrants its own post. However, I think that it has been discussed enough already.

Another lockdown colossal hit has been BBC THREE’s Normal People. Have you seen it yet? If not, what are you waiting for? It’s a stunning piece of television that I literally devoured in two nights. I was so obsessed that I had to order the book, just so that I could experience the story one more time. This adaptation manages that rare thing of actually being as good if not better than the book itself.

Here’s what else I’ve watched over the past twelve weeks and wholeheartedly recommend…

Mad Men (all episodes on Netflix) – yes again!! I love absolutely everything about this cult 60s drama, from the clothes, to the music, to the subtle cultural references. It really is a treat for the senses, as well as being easy to relax and just enjoy.

Little Fires Everywhere (Amazon Prime) – this is another adaptation that’s doing very well. With stars like Kerry Washington and Reese Whitherspoon it’s not surprising that it’s pretty classy and very addictive. If you enjoyed Big Little Lies last year, you’ll love this too!

This is Us (seasons 1-4 Amazon Prime) – This is my biggest guilty pleasure! Not because I’m embarrassed to watch it, it’s a fantastic series. It’s because it’s what I sneak away to watch alone in the afternoon on my iPad. Don’t judge me, it’s lockdown and some afternoons I just need some ‘me time’.

This Is Us – Amazon Prime

Ozark (seasons 1-3 Netflix) – We watched the first season of Ozark years ago and forgot to get back into it. This month we’ve gone back and joined that crazy ride that includes murders and money laundering again.

Happy Valley (seasons 1 – 2 Netflix) – There’s nothing happy about this northern valley but the stories are compelling and shocking in equal measure. If you’re a fan of British police dramas, you’ll love this – as much as I did!

The Affair (seasons 1-5 Now TV) – This is another series we’ve been watching for years. Season 1 was brilliant and something completely different, season 2 was also good but season 3 was a bit of a dud, which is why I didn’t go back to it, until now! And I’m so glad that we did. The last two seasons are back on form and the final season finishes the whole story perfectly. The flash mob wedding was a special highlight.

Please do share your recommendations, I’m always on the lookout for our next TV obsession.


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