I’ve mentioned a few times how I love a wonder around the clothing rails at the larger supermarkets. It’s nothing for me to spend an hour or so going through the women’s section and then the kids area. Morrisons have nailed it for me this year with their gorgeous pieces for the girls this summer.

Lili loves this easy to wear playsuit that’s light, loose and comfortable – which is just what you want from your summer holiday wear.  Also, it doesn’t need ironing, which is another bonus for me!

I also love this vintage inspired sun dress for Poppy, who prefers wearing dresses to shorts. This girl definitely knows her own mind and has her own “must be pretty” style. This cute little pink and white dress passes the Poppy test.

I think Morrisons have nailed it this year with their gorgeous summer pieces for young girls - and as always they're also great value for money.

Currently in-store are these gorgeous holiday essentials for kids. And of course as well as being well-made and stylish, they’re also amazing value for money. Did you know that Morrisons kids clothes come with a 200 day guarantee, which covers rips, spills and even outgrown pieces? Pretty impressive ha?!


White Hat – from £5

Pink Bikini – from £6

Pretty Kaftan – from £8

Brown Sandals – from £10

Pink Cover-up – from £7

Yellow Swim suit – from £5

Large Pink Hat – from £4

Unfortunately I can’t link any of these items because they’re not available online, so you’ll have to take a trip into your nearest Morrisons store to pick up these little beauties (click here to find your nearest stockist) – but I think it’s well worth the trip. For me the clear stand out items are the fab yellow swimsuit, pink bikini and the pretty embroidered kaftan. We go on holiday next month and I know Lili and Poppy would look amazing in these!

Disclaimer: Morrisons sent us the pictured playsuit and vintage style dress but all copy and opinions are my own and true. 

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I’ve been a massive fan of Pixi by Petra products for a few years now. Pixi was launched back in 1999 at their flagship shop in Soho, London and thanks to their cult make-up and skin care products have become a big name within the beauty industry. Each product is designed to give you a naturally radiant “just had a good night sleep” look.

I love that founder Petra Strand says that Pixi products are all about multitasking, flaw-fixing and youth-enhancing for women with no time to spare. As a busy mum of four (Yes, 4!), she knows that ‘us mums’ need all the help we can get when it comes to fast beauty fixers.

I was super excited to receive some of Pixi’s most iconic and renowned products recently. Let me tell you all about them and why they’re all on my beauty heroes list.

Glow Tonic (250ml) £18

This is where Pixi started their skin care journey. The now iconic Glow Tonic is a ‘toner like no other’, it instantly refreshes, brightens, tones and conditions your skin after cleansing. It’s enriched with 5% glycolic acid, which gently exfoliates and dissolves dead cells to reveal the healthy, glowing skin that lies beneath. Aloe then soothes and hydrates your skin to gradually reduce signs of sun damage, fine lines, scarring and other imperfections. This little bottle of beauty elixir really does it all and is suitable for all skin types. I’m a little obsessed! Can you tell?

Flawless Beauty Primer (30ml) £24

If you’re after a skin-brightening primer that creates a flawless base for make up, then look no further! This tube of pearly cream unifies your skin tone and gives your complexion a gorgeous ‘lit-from-within’ finish. With this product Petra wanted to create a product that replicated the look and feel of the skin she had in her 20s and this, as she says “is as close as it gets”.

This is another beauty hero that’s suitable for all skin types. It can be worn alone on ‘good skin’ days, or underneath your favourite tinted moisturiser or foundation for a gorgeously dewy, airbrushed finish.

Rose Oil Blend (30ml) £26

This is a youth-boosting serum that packs a punch and is again suitable for all skin types. It’s infused with a powerful complex of oils to enhance your skin’s elasticity and leave it glowing with youthful health. The cocktail of sweet almond, rosehip, jojoba, pomegranate seed and rose geranium oils also smells amazing!!  Which makes this oil an absolute joy to apply.

It’s a gorgeous treatment ideal for anyone with dehydrated, dulled or sagging skin. Pass me the bottle!

Lip Lift Max £12

I’m not normally a fan of plumping lip products but this one, well this one I like. It has a glossy formula with soothing aloe, conditioning jojoba oil and calming chamomile. The fresh minty flavour leaves your lips tingling (in a good way) and looking smooth and full. I know that nothing is going to give me Angelina lips but I love the dramatic affect I get from this conditioning plumper. I have the clear ‘Petal Ice’ shade but it’s also available in pink ‘Sheer Rose’ and nude ‘Honey Sheen’ if you prefer some colour.

Endless Silky Eye Pen £12

Now I know eyeliners! I literally wear eyeliner every day (due to my non-existent eyelashes) and am constantly on the look out for a new favourite, so when I say this is the ultimate long-wearing liner, you know it’s good. This Silky Eye Pen is a creamy, indelible gel-crayon that glides on easily and ‘sets’ in seconds. Basically, it’s the perfect black eyeliner. There’s nothing more to say!



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It must be summer because the annual Clarins summer colour collection has landed. As always it includes their coveted jumbo bronzer (that always sells out super quickly), along with a sunkissed themed collection of sunny hues and bright glossy colours. Here are my thoughts on the pretty palm print covered limited editions…

It must be summer because the annual Clarins summer colour collection has landed. Sunkissed

The Bronzing & Blush Compact (£30)

This year’s huge bronzing palette contains three matte bronzing shades and a shimmering coral blusher, which all work together and complement each other beautifully. You can use the bronzers on their own to contour your face or mix them up for a radiant glow. I really love the fact that the bronzers don’t contain any shimmer but still manage to add a beautiful golden glow to your complexion. The coral blush is a lovely addition to this super-sized palette and is perfect for adding a little glamour to your summer look.

The 4-colour Eyeshadow Palette (£34)

These are my perfect summer shades, which were inspired by the colours of a beautiful sunset. The four shades include; beige, gold, orange and bronze, and can be used wet (for added intensity and drama) or dry (for a soft, subtle look). It really is a gorgeous palette with a mixture of matte, satin and pearl finishes.

New shades of Instant Light Lip Comfort Oils (£19)

Clarins have also launched four (I was sent three of them, before you think that was a typo) new shades to their brilliant Instant Light Lip Comfort Oils line-up – which is so exciting! These lip oils have a silky formula that coat your lips and feel so luxurious whilst nourishing them with a blend of hazelnut, mira belle and jojoba oils. These four new colours add a real pop to the current range with shades of Candy Pink, Tangerine, Mint (which contains menthol to give your lips a subtle plump) and Honey Glam (which has shimmering gold flecks).

And just like that my holiday make-up bag is complete!!

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DFS are coming to the rescue of first-time buyers and owners of small spaces with a  gorgeous capsule collection of stylish, perfectly formed sofas and chairs.

When we bought our house five years ago we had no idea that we’d end up with three kids, and thought that this would be the perfect house for us to settle down and raise our little family. Fast forward five years and with the addition of a third little girl we are now full to capacity. We’re literally having to make the most of any and every spare space and economise on the space we do have.

As I think back on our first house I realise that this house is actually big in comparison. That first house we bought was so tinny –  it was a typical first-time buyers house. Most first-time buyers have the same issues of wanting a stylish home but having a very limited budget and a small space. DFS are about to launch a very stylish and affordable solution to this problem with a design focused capsule collection of smaller sized sofas and chairs.

I was recently invited to a DFS event where I got to view a selection of the designs and styles within the new collection. Every sofa and chair comes in a number of different material choices, limited edition fabric prints and over 40 colour options. You can also pick your own legs from a selection of different metals and woods.

With all these different options available you basically get the chance to design your own semi-bespoke chair or sofa – and the best bit is the price!  With sofas starting at as little as £399.

Here’s a selection of my favourite styles and designs from the event…

I was mighty impressed by the whole collection but for me the star of the show was this gorgeous mustard chair and foot stool. I literally love everything about them from the colour, to the material, style and the rose gold finishes. It was just gorgeous!!

This collection launches in-store and online at the DFS website next month.

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With the school holidays fast approaching, many of you will soon be flying off on holiday. Excitingly, I’m flying out to Vegas on Thursday without the children (oh yes!). I literally can’t wait!! I’m even looking forward to the flight because I know I’ll actually get the chance to watch some movies and relax, without being interrupted by bored children. The only downside will be the inevitable jet-lag and dehydrated skin (from the continuous air-conditioning). Have you ever noticed how dry and rough your skin feels after a long-haul flight?

My biggest travel tip would be to pack a hydrating beauty mist in your flight bag, to keep your skin nourished and hydrated as you fly.  My current favourite has to be Institut Esthederm’s Eau Cellulaire Cellular Water Spray.

This Cellular Water Spray basically helps improve the overall quality and vitality of your skin. The concentrated spray contains cellular water, that mimics the water naturally found in healthy skin.  It’s also perfectly balanced in mineral salts and trace elements, providing your skin with the energy it needs to remain radiant, hydrated and healthy.

I’ve seen people get very serious about their skin care routine on a flight, by applying treatment oils and face masks to avoid ‘skin fatigue’ but in all honesty as long as you have a good moisturiser and a good beauty spray, your skin should not be too affected.

Once you’ve spritzed your face with Institut Esthederm Eau Cellulaire Cellular Water, your skin will be treated to an  energy boost, restoring freshness, radiance and vitality – which is just what it needs on a flight!

So why is it my favourite?

For me this beauty spray is so much more that just a ‘water spray’! It’s a super gentle, fragrance-free, dye-free, preservative-free and hypoallergenic hydrating spray that’s perfect to use on the go (and great for setting your make-up). I also love that it’s an aerosol bottle that sprays an extremely fine mist, so you don’t need to worry about the water smudging your make-up or frizzing your hair (which can happen with some other sprays). All you need to do is spray it onto your face and gently pat the damp mist into your skin for a concentrated boost of hydration and moisture. It couldn’t be any easier!

You can buy Institut Esthederm Eau Cellulaire Cellular Water from Look Fantastic, Feelunique and other online retails for £16 (100ml).

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