As all working mums will tell you, achieving the allusive work/ life balance is near on impossible. Inevitably something has to give, for me it was precious time with my girls, while also feeling guilty for being the only one in the office running out the door (every night) at 5pm – so I could be home in time to collect the girls.

Going back to work after both maternity leaves was difficult but if I’m honest, I loved being back, I missed getting dressed up and having structure to my day. I was ‘me’ again and of course, I missed the banter and company of my lovely colleagues and friends.

When Lili started preschool last year, she started asking if she could have ‘play dates’ and ‘do ballet’.  She now needed me in a completely different way and I realised that I wanted to be at the school gates, I wanted to get to know the other mothers and I wanted more than 30mins in the morning and an hour and a half at night with the girls.



Me and Lili after her Christmas concert – proud mama!

But could I give up a job I loved?  After talking it through with my husband, mother, friends, (anyone who’d listen) – I decided that it was time. I resigned and now after ten long, happy years it’s time to leave ‘Clarins towers’ and start my new life.

Scared? Yes!

Excited? Totally!

What’s next? Who knows but what I can say is that I’ll try to document as much as I can in this blog. My personal journal of LAC, Life after Clarins.

What’s the first thing I did? Went Running in Lavender with my daughters…

Running in Lavender

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