This morning the lovely Kate from Pouting in Heels asked me to share my style advice. I’m not too sure if my advice is of any great use but it did get me thinking about ‘My Style’. What exactly is my style? When I use to go to work, my uniform was black skinny jeans and a smart floaty shirt or colourful top, usually with a blazer in the colder months.

However, now my office is my kitchen and my colleagues are my daughters, so I don’t need to get dressed up or conform to any dress code. These days my style is very casual, my big thing is to wear much less black!

Having thought about this for a while, I realised that the outfit I’m wearing today sums up my style to a tea! I’m still wearing skinny jeans but now I’m sticking to a more relaxed fit and a lighter shade of blue. I’ve done a lot shopping around for jeans and my current favourites are from River Island. The fit is amazing as they have a clever 4 way stretch, which means they’re really comfortable and look good.

What I’m Wearing to Today…


My Summer Style Tips

1) Big Sunglasses – They’re stylish and hide a multitude of under eye sins. Having two young kids does mean that my Tom Fords have been stored away (for now) and replaced by these River Island pair. Lets face one of the girls will be trying them on at some point during the day!

2)  A Pretty Peasant Top – I’ve loved this trend this year and have bought a few from Mango and Zara but this one has to be my favourite. They cover up all my sins and look super cute! My major style crush is Olivia Palermo, who’s always sporting a pretty peasant top on her Instagram account. If it’s good enough for her…

3) A Large Leather Bag – I think a big bag looks stylish and it’ll make you look smaller than you are. After all you can literally hide behind it! Also, as a mum it’s super practical! I can carry around all I need from nappies and wipes to drinks and toys.

4) Gladiator Sandals – A good pair of gladiator sandals will make most outfits look that little bit ‘cooler’ and these pair literally go with any (summer) outfit. I use to live in wedges during the summer but these days that’s just not practical. Running around after a 1 year old in wedges is a recipe for disaster.

5) Painted Toe Nails – I know this may go without saying but I saw a few bare toe nails today, which is not a pretty sight!

Shop The Look

WhatImWearingToday11) Top – Phase Eight (Was £65 Now £25)

2) Jeans – River Island (£40)

3) Sandals – Mango (Was £60 Now £30)

4) Glasses – River Island (£10)

5 ) Nail Varnish – Essie “too too hot” (£9.95 )

So there you are, a few of my style words of wisdom. I hope you’ve enjoyed the read, even if you haven’t learnt anything new.


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Last week I wrote a post all about my favourite Clarins skincare products and promised a make-up edition was to follow. True to my word, here are the make-up products I’ll be missing the most following my departure from Clarins towers.

Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch – This is essentially a primer but it’s no ordinary primer! Like magic it fills in every fine line and enlarged pore – it’s like a real life ‘airbrush tool’. Quick and easy to apply, it leaves your skin looking flawless and ready for your Foundation or BB Cream.  It also helps your make-up ‘stay put’ and last longer, which is an extra bonus.

Instant Light Brush-On Perfector – Being a mother to two young girls means I always seem to have dark circles under my eyes. This under eye concealer pen is what I use to ensure I look semi-human after a late night. Again, it’s quick and easy to use with it’s ‘click and brush’ application – it makes an instant difference!

Skin Illusion Loose Powder Foundation – I’m not one for heavy make-up but I do want my skin to look healthy and glowing. This mineral powder foundation comes with its own brush and leaves my skin looking natural and flawless. What more can I say? It basically gives you that illusive ‘no make-up’, make-up finish. If you know what I mean?

Be Long Mascara –  Mascara would be my desert island product. My lashes are naturally short and quite weak so I more or less sleep with mascara on! Does that make me sound high maintenance? I’m really not, just a big mascara fan and this was/is my Clarins mascara of choice. It’s a lengthening mascara that has a nourishing formula and a clever tilted brush, which makes it easy to apply.

Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector – I’m not one for lipstick or a bight colour lip. I wish I was but I’m not! That being said these natural coloured lip balms are perfect for me. They condition, plump, taste sweet (but not sickly) and leave my lips looking shiny and feeling soft. My favourite shade has to be (03) Nude Shimmer. Needless to say I’ve stocked up on this one!

Waterproof Eye Liner Pencil – As I’ve already mentioned my lashes are naturally quite short, so I use a black eyeliner to give my eyes definition and the illusion of longer lashes. I only draw a very fine line, so it’s not instantly obvious. This pencil is waterproof, which means it lasts longer and is easy to apply. I tend to have one on my dressing table and one in my handbag at all times.

So there you have it, my must-have Clarins make-up products. Again, I want to mention that I no longer work for the brand, so am not getting paid for these reviews – I just wanted to give you my personal recommendations as someone who has used these products a lot over the past 10 years!

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I grew up in west Wales and go back at least twice a year to visit my family and friends in Cardigan Bay. We always spend Christmas in Wales and at least two weeks (sometimes three) here during the summer months.

I love seeing the girls experience the places and people of my own childhood. Watching them play on the beaches I used to visit as a child gives me such a warm joyous feeling and I find great comfort and sense of nostalgia in revisiting these places as an adult and a parent. I now see them afresh through the eyes of my daughters, while still clearly remembering how happy they made me at the same age. Beaches don’t tend to change too much, so they more or less look exactly the same 30 years on, which makes me very happy as I don’t really like change.

The west coast of Wales is such a beautiful area. It took moving away for me to appreciate how stunning it really is. As a child I took it all for granted but then I think we all do at that age. Appreciation for our surroundings comes with age and maturity. There are small coves, sandy beaches and lovely fishing villages on the doorstep.

This week we’ve been staying at my auntie and uncle’s lovely place near the beach in New Quay (the welsh one) and the weather’s been amazing. We’ve had ice cream every day, seen dolphins swimming in the harbour, eaten fish and chips and spent hours on the many nearby beaches. We’ve also enjoyed some spectacular coastal walks and taken lots of pictures…











Its been a very good week!


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You may have already read that I spend a lot of my spare time surfing the internet for travel destinations and beautiful hotels. I’m literally happy to spend hours trolling through one beautiful hotel site after another. This is one I found a few years back and knew that we had to go!


Bon Ton Resort, is on the island of Langkawi in Malaysia and is touted as ‘one of the island’s most stylish, unique and intimate resorts’. Having stayed there I can tell you that, that description is spot on! It has eight individually styled antique Malay villas and lived up to all my expectations.

As we arrived we were welcomed with a cold drink, before being taken to ‘the Laguna’ villa. And what an impressive villa (or should I call it hut?) it was. Basically it was a 100 year old traditional house on stilts and totally natural. It had a thatched roof, wooden shutters, wooden floors – with the drainage from the shower just running through the floorboards. It also had a big wooden bath tub, a canopy bed, and a stunning view overlooking the lotus lagoon and tropical gardens. We stayed there for 4 amazing night, only wishing we could have stayed for longer.



Breakfast is packed up the night before and left in the fridge inside your villa, so that you can enjoy it at your own leisure on your balcony.

Bon Ton feels like a real sanctuary, the pool area is so peaceful and the staff are always on hand, to bring you complimentary flavoured waters and iced fruit, which is a really lovely touch.


Every night we had food at the amazing Nam Restaurant, which is part of the little resort and offers an exotic fusion of western and eastern gourmet cuisine with an Asian twist. Everything is homemade and can be altered to taste, the staff are so helpful and will tweak the recipes to your personal liking.

I’ve stayed in many hotels throughout the world but this little resort really stands out for me as a truly unique experience. I only wish that it wasn’t so far away, so that we could visit more often.

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