My Holiday Beauty Case

my summer holiday vanity case. Redken James Read, Perricone MD,Clarins, Pure by Marks & Spencer

As a huge beauty fanatic, I love packing my holiday beauty case. I really enjoy gathering all my favourite skin care, hair care and sun protection products, not forgetting a few all important make-up bits too.

The hot weather and a humid conditions mean that I tend to use different products on holiday, especially when it comes to my hair and sun care. The humidity always plays havoc with my hair (think Monica in that Friends episode), so I need products that will tame my mane and ideally give me that cool, effortless beachy look.

And when it comes to sun care, I’m after high protection that’s easy to apply and doesn’t leave my skin looking dull or too oily. At my age, even though I love the sun, I know that it’s not my friend and I can’t afford to burn or damage my ageing skin. For this reason I tend to stay in the shade as much as possible and go for a high SPF.

This year I took a few new items with me that I’d read about and wanted to try, as well as some old favourites. With this in mind I thought I’d share my favourite holiday beauty finds.


La Roche-Posay SPF50+ tinted cream gel

  1. La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL SPF 50+ Tinted Dry Touch Gel-Cream
  2. La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL SPF50+ Comfort Body Lotion

I really loved this tinted gel-cream for the face, it’s such a great product that absorbs quickly, gives high protection and leaves your face smooth, with an even tinted colour.  I now can’t imagine going on holiday without this genius product and will continue to use it on a daily basis during the summer months here in the UK.

And I’d heard so much praise the La Roche-Posay SPF50 Comfort Body Lotion that I couldn’t wait to test it out myself. We all used this light milky fluid during the holiday and I was massively impressed by how quick and easy it was to use. Gone are the days of thick creams that take ages to rub in and this high SPF really takes it to the next level.


Redone Beach Envy Volume Shampoo and Conditioner

  1. Redken Beach Envy Volume Texturizing Shampoo and Conditioner
  2. Redkin Beach Envy Volume Wave Aid Spray

I absolutely love this new Beach Envy range by Redken! For the first time ever, my hair actually behaved while we were on holiday, which must have been down to the merits of these three products. They also smell gorgeous and give the best finish. They didn’t magically turn me into a ‘beach babe’ but I was happy with the natural waves of my ‘fully in control’ hair, so again I was very impressed.


Summer Make-up from Clarins, James Read and Perricone MD

  1. Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation
  2. Clarins Double Fix’ Mascara
  3. James Read Tantour Sculpting Duo

Lets face it, we don’t really wear much make-up on holiday. For me it’s too hot to even think about make-up, especially during the day. But I do like the light fluid texture of this Perricone MD foundation and the natural, waterproof properties of this ‘clear’ Clarins Double Fix’ mascara.

Every evening I literally applied a light layer of this skin-nourishing foundation, shaped my lashes and brows with the clear mascara and used the Tantour Duo to give my face a slight sun-kissed glow.


Time Bomb

  1. Time Bomb Holiday in a Bottle
  2. Time Bomb Powerball Intensive Moisturiser 

The Time Bomb range has to be one of my summer time favourites! I found their ‘Holiday in a Bottle’ product last year and became an instant fan. This “liquid sunshine” literally bursts on contact with your skin, warming and enhancing your skin tone and giving you a natural-looking, tanned complexion. And their Powerball Intensive Moisturiser is exactly what you need when your skin is suffering from heat and air conditioning dehydration, as it gives it a super surge of hydration which is ideal for dry, parched skin.

Pure Rose Cleansing Balm by Marks & Spencer

  1. Pure Rose Cleansing Balm by Marks & Spencer

Lastly, I must mention this Cleaning Balm from Marks & Spencer. It really reminds me of other more expensive cleansing balms but at £12, this little beauty is a quarter of the price, acts just as well and still manages to feel luxurious. Use a small amount and rub onto dry skin, then wash off with a cloth (provided) and warm water.

What are you favourite holiday products?


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  1. August 24, 2016 / 8:16 pm

    I always love reading your beauty posts Heledd. As I am also a beauty fanatic but I know that you have an awesome knowledge about products that I don’t have. I am a massive fan of La Roche Posay. Always have been. I suffer from Rosacea and they are brilliant for my skin. I wear their CC Cream daily. The Comfort Body Lotion sounds brilliant. I will have to check it out. I also like the sound of the Pure Rose Cleansing Balm by Marks and Spencer. I am a massive fan of rose based skin care. As it is always gentle on my sensitive skin. The Cleansing Balm looks lovely and is definitely a bargain. Hugs Lucy xxxx