Half-Term Fun And Halloween With Bear Claws

And just like that the half-term break is over and the kids have gone back to school. Our week had a very distinct Halloween feel with lots of dressing-up, spooky themed parties, pumpkin crafts and the girls talking non-stop about ghoulish makeup and going trick-or-treating.

When did Halloween become this big here in the UK? I feel like I ask this question every year. Was it this big when I was young? Maybe it was here in England but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t in my small Welsh town. Yes, my mum would make a witch’s costume for me out of some old black material and bin liners, to wear to the school’s Halloween disco – but that was about it. We definitely didn’t go ‘tick-or-treating’, and we never had anyone knock on our door dressed up expecting sugary treats.

Anyway, enough of the ‘good ol’ days’, my girls are obsessed with Halloween, they look forward to it all year long. I’d say it’s their second favourite time of year (behind Christmas, for obvious reasons), especially for Poppy who also celebrates her birthday around this time. We often tease her that she’s a witch because she was born near Halloween, and she’s more than happy to go along with the joke. She has a very strong fascination with witches and anything to do with them. I’ve noticed that there have been lots of new witch based dramas and cartoons popping up on our screens in the past few years, so maybe it is a ‘thing’?

Anyway, back to Halloween, this year we got our spooky outfits from Asda, who have an amazing collection of inexpensive costumes (from £6). Lili went for a Circus Girl costume and Poppy went for a ‘Halloween Queen’ outfit, which is a ragged dress with a sash and a black crown. I opted for an evil queen costume and Iris will be our good little witch in a cute little dress and hat combo.

Last Wednesday we were invited to a haunted house party organised by the brilliant people at Bear Nibblesto celebrate their exciting limited edition Halloween Claws packs, that have new monsters, as well as collectible glow in the dark trick or treat stickers inside (you can get these in Asda, as well as Tesco and Sainsbury’s). We had so much fun apple bobbing, decorating pumpkins, dancing and playing countless themed games. The girls were in their element and even Iris joined in on more than a few occasions.

Bear Nibbles are the creators of CLAWS, my personal Halloween treat of choice. The genius of Claws is this… the kids think they’re eating a sweet treat, they look like sweet treats, they taste like sweet treats, even the bags are bright and colourful (like sweet treats) but they’re completely made from 100% fruit and vegetables with nothing bad added. They’re literally all good! The kids are happy and I’m happy because I know they’re not filling themselves with rubbish or refined sugar. Basically, I trick them – and they get a treat!

So come tomorrow night I’ll be offering these little bags of goodies at our door. Who knows what the girls will come back with from their tour around the neighbours… but I know they’ll be happy to dive into my stash of Claws, if we have any left!

Happy Halloween x




Disclaimer: This is a collaborated post with Bear Nibbles but all copy are my own and true.