My Holiday Photo Album

My Holiday Photo Album is where I keep all my precious moments and favourite pictures from our many adventures and jaunts across the world.

It’s only been three weeks since we arrived home from our holiday in Spain but it already feels like a distant memory. So much has happened since we got back, with the kids going back to school and the stresses of getting everything ready.

This year we decided to go down the AirBnB route and rent a self-catered property. We’ve done this a few times before in the south of France but never in Spain. After hunting across the site’s available properties we found two perfect but very different options. The first offered us an apartment in a modern complex with shared pools near a big beach, and the second was a traditional style, private villa in the hills, an hour and a half up the coast.

Both properties had their advantages, so we decided to split our time between the two. Why choose one when you can have both?

Our First Stop: Infinity View Apartments

This was a modern apartment in a very new complex, located just outside Alicante in the south east of Spain. The apartment itself had three large bedrooms and two bathrooms, a kitchen/diner, a living room and a huge balcony overlooking the complex. Outside was two infinitely pools and a children’s water area, as well as a gym, play park and an outdoor bar serving drinks and snacks.

This place was great for so many reasons. The apartment was beautifully decorated with stylish modern touches. Also, as it had three bedrooms, we could put the kids to bed and relax on the balcony or in the living room without disturbing them in the evenings. This is not something we can do when we’re all sharing a single hotel room.

The pools were perfect for the girls and were never too busy. We had three different pools to choose from, which included a children’s play pool with colourful slides.

Here are some of my favourite pictures from the first half of our holiday, staying at the Infinity View Complex

This style of holiday really works for us. I’m not the biggest fan of ‘package holidays’ and being with hundreds of other ‘holiday makers’. The thought of fighting for a sun-lounger stresses me out and the whole ‘saving loungers with a  towel’ thing drives me crazy! Yes, we have to make our own breakfast and find somewhere to eat at night (or make something for supper) but to be honest I really don’t mind, it means we’re not worried about missing breakfast and get to try lots of different restaurants in the evenings.

In my next holiday in Spain post I’ll tell you all about our second stop at the traditionally, authentic Spanish villa.

When I’m away on holidays I always take way too many pictures and never really share them on here, which is a shame. Especially when I think back and remember that one of the main reasons I started this blog was to capture our special moments and document them in one place for the future.

In an attempt to resolve this issue I’ve decided to start a new section called ‘My Holiday Photo Album’. It should be quite self-explanatory, I just want to have an area where I keep all my precious moments and favourite pictures from our many adventures and jaunts across the world.

I’m going to start with our most recent trip to Vegas. We were in Las Vegas for four days in June 2017,  during a heatwave that saw temperatures soar to 45 degrees. I’ve never known heat like it!

Anyway, here are my favourite snaps from Las Vegas…

The Vegas Eiffel Tower.

The Las Vegas strip.

Outside the Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace.

The Mirage Hotel.

Hotel New York New York.

At the Flamingo Hotel sign.

We didn’t make it out to the ‘Welcome to Vegas’ sign but I did find this Hershey’s version, which I loved.

The neon signs and lights of Vegas old town.

Vegas old town by day.

Palm trees and the High Roller observation wheel.

Posing with my man at the Hoover Dam.

The Grand Canyon.

Luckily I’m okay with heights.

Wondering around the Mojave desert.

Looking at Joshua Trees in the desert – yes that’s what they look like.

Posing inside the Bellagio Hotel’s floral model version of Positano in Italy.

Wondering around the beautiful Wynn Hotel.

Watching the water fountains dance outside the Wynn Hotel.

Posing outside the stunning Venetian Hotel

Who develops pictures these days? Definitely not me, although this is another thing I want to do more often, even if it’s just one or two of my favourite snaps her holiday.