DFS are coming to the rescue of first-time buyers and owners of small spaces with a  gorgeous capsule collection of stylish, perfectly formed sofas and chairs.

When we bought our house five years ago we had no idea that we’d end up with three kids, and thought that this would be the perfect house for us to settle down and raise our little family. Fast forward five years and with the addition of a third little girl we are now full to capacity. We’re literally having to make the most of any and every spare space and economise on the space we do have.

As I think back on our first house I realise that this house is actually big in comparison. That first house we bought was so tinny –  it was a typical first-time buyers house. Most first-time buyers have the same issues of wanting a stylish home but having a very limited budget and a small space. DFS are about to launch a very stylish and affordable solution to this problem with a design focused capsule collection of smaller sized sofas and chairs.

I was recently invited to a DFS event where I got to view a selection of the designs and styles within the new collection. Every sofa and chair comes in a number of different material choices, limited edition fabric prints and over 40 colour options. You can also pick your own legs from a selection of different metals and woods.

With all these different options available you basically get the chance to design your own semi-bespoke chair or sofa – and the best bit is the price!  With sofas starting at as little as £399.

Here’s a selection of my favourite styles and designs from the event…

I was mighty impressed by the whole collection but for me the star of the show was this gorgeous mustard chair and foot stool. I literally love everything about them from the colour, to the material, style and the rose gold finishes. It was just gorgeous!!

This collection launches in-store and online at the DFS website next month.

Pretty Flamingo Bedroom Make-Over with Laura Ashley

After talking about it for years, we’ve finally got round to decorating Lili and Poppy’s bedroom. They’ve had a bunk bed for almost two years now but we hadn’t done anything else to their room since we moved in back in 2012. Luckily is was already pretty and pink from the girl who lived here before us but it definitely needed some work.

The first thing we had to do was get the room completely re-plastered as there were cracks in the walls and we needed to redo the celling – it was starting to look a little dodgy! Once that was all done we decided to lay ‘luxury vinyl’ flooring, that looked like white wooden boards. It looks really pretty and is much more practical than a light carpet. These girls will soon be playing with felt-tip pens, nail vanish and even make-up, so a carpet would just get trashed.

Once the new flooring was down we literally had a blank canvas to do whatever we wanted. This felt very exciting to begin with but we quickly realised that my ideas were very different to what the girls had in mind. Also, Lili had a different vision to Poppy, so we just couldn’t agree on anything. One of them wanted a pink room, the other wanted turquoise and I had a pretty summer idea with lots of sunny yellow and a beachy theme.

Pretty Flamingo Bedroom Make-Over with Laura Ashley

For a while I thought we’d never find a solution but then I spotted a trend on the high street for flamingos and thought it could be the perfect solution. They’re not too ‘babyish’ and not too old, they’re pink but not too pink (I knew we could mix in some turquoise accents) and they’re summery. It really was the ideal compromise.

After some online research I came across a gorgeous print on the Laura Ashley website, which was bright, on-trend and exactly what I had in mind.  The Petty Flamingo collection includes; wall paper, bedding, curtains, a light shade and even a little cuddly toy. As soon as I showed the girls the print they both smiled and gave me the thumbs up. They both loved the flamingos idea for different reasons, Lili liked that they weren’t princess or fairy themed, which she now feels too old for (excuse me while I sob) and Poppy liked them because in her words “they’re pink and really pretty”.  I like the fact that this room is girlie without being too girlie and it’s a style that won’t date or be too young for the girls as they get older.

Pretty Flamingo Bedroom Make-Over with Laura Ashley Pretty Flamingo Bedroom Make-Over with Laura Ashley Pretty Flamingo Bedroom Make-Over with Laura Ashley

We went through the Laura Ashely website and looked at all the different options before ordering the flamingo curtains, bedspread and cuddly toy. We also ordered a rug that complemented the colours of the flamingo print without being too ‘matchy’ and a cute pink chandelier that the girls just ‘had to have’.

Flamingos are everywhere at the moment, so we managed to get lots of cute little accessories from the high street. I always think these little bits and bobs really finish a room. My favourite accessories include; a great flamingo print (from Not On The High Street), a fun flamingo light garland and a gold light up flamingo (both from Primark). The girls and I are so pleased with the end result, it looks bight, colourful and above all fun.

Pretty Flamingo Bedroom Make-Over with Laura Ashley

Disclaimer: We were sent the items from Laura Ashley in return for this post.

The Joy of Co-Sleeping with SnuzPod

As you may know I recently gave birth to our third daughter Iris. She is now six weeks old and we’ve been co-sleeping from the first night we came home from the hospital. I didn’t co-sleep with my other two daughters, instead we had a mosses basket set up next to the bed. To be honest co-sleeping beds weren’t really around back then – and I didn’t want to share a bed with my babies – I understand why some decide do this, it just didn’t feel right for me and my husband.

I’d read and heard so much about the SnuzPod 3-in-1 co-sleeping crib and loved everything about it. For one, it’s well designed and looks very stylish, it’s also competitively priced compared with other co-sleeping solutions on the market. However, the main attraction for me was that I could sleep with my baby girl right next to me in her own little ‘side cart’ bed.

The Joy of Co-Sleeping with SnuzPod

As a breastfeeding mother, I can tell you that it’s so much easier to pick up Iris from her little bed next to me to sleepily feed her, before easily and effortlessly placing her back down without any major disruption to her or me. The thought of getting in and out of bed to pick her up (and put her back down) now seems like such a big effort, especially in a sleepy 3am haze.

What’s also great about the SnuzPod is its versatility. You can use it as a co-sleeping bed (as shown in my pictures above), zip up the open side and turn it into a normal crib (as shown in my pictures below) or pull out the cot bed and carry it around the house – like you do with a mosses basket. Making the SnuzPod a multi functional, 3-in-1 sleeping solution and a brilliant baby bed option.

I’ve already mentioned that the SnuzPod cribs are very stylish (and available in 4 beautiful colours) but what I haven’t mentioned is the funky and colourful fitted sheets and blankets they’ve recently created. The bold prints are cool and super cute, we went for the girlie pink and yellow option. You can also get a SnuzPod side pocket which is really useful for keeping nappies and wipes to hand. This pocket is especially useful for late night changes.

The Joy of Co-Sleeping with SnuzPod The Joy of Co-Sleeping with SnuzPod

I adore co-sleeping with Iris and having her little face lie next to me, knowing she’s safe in her little bed that’s open and strapped onto our big bed. It also makes it easy for me to check on her in the middle of the night. I wish these co-sleeping beds were more available when we had our other two daughters but at least I get to experience the joy of it now.

The Joy of Co-Sleeping with SnuzPod The Joy of Co-Sleeping with SnuzPod


If like me you’ve been impressed with what you’ve read about the SnuzPod, here is an exclusive 10% discount code is SNUZRUN10

Disclaimer: I was sent a SnuzPod and a set of bedding for this post but all thoughts are my own.

Beautiful, romantic, nursery for a baby girl.

I’ve recently started thinking about baby Lavender’s nursery. Her room is currently our guest room, which we’ll need for the next few months as we have family and friends coming to stay. Also, our little lady will be sleeping with us, in our room for the first six to nine months while we all settle into our new routine and get the night feeds sorted. So realistically, the nursery is not something I need to think about for a while.

However, I can’t stop looking at furniture and coming up with ideas and themes for the new nursery. I suppose it’s the ‘nesting instinct’ that kicks in, in late pregnancy that’s to blame. There are so many beautiful designs out there on the internet, so many stunning websites and of course, gorgeous inspirations on Pinterest!

In my search I’ve come across a beautiful website called Baby Knees, who stock many different brands and sell gorgeous nursery furniture, interiors, accessories, clothing and gifts for little ones. Also, all the furniture is assembled for you at your home – how great is that! I’m rubbish at DIY so this service would be a Godsend.

Beautiful baby nursery.

Baby Knees have a showroom in Chelmsford, Essex (if you live near) where they offer a personalised service, so you can purchase all your baby essentials under one roof, in a one-to-one, stress free environment.

The mother and daughter team behind the brand have a background in interior design, so also offer a design service – where they help customers bring their ideas to life. You can make an appointment within their beautiful showroom or in the comfort of your own home if you prefer (and live nearby). Having suffered hyperemesis gravidarum during her own pregnancy and unable to get out of the house, owner Lois was keen to offer this ‘at home’ service.

Stunning baby nursery idea

Special Offers

Do take a look at the gorgeous website and take advantage of an exclusive 20% discount by using the promotional code ‘runninginlavender’ at checkout.

Each month Baby Knees run a different Special Offer on their site. For example, in February customers who spent over £250 online received a free Noa Storksak changing bag. In March customers receive a free Mother-to-be gift set, worth £45!

Bloom and Blossom Mother to be Gift Set


I must admit I’m not a big fan of new year’s resolutions. They always seems like a bad idea to me, pledges destined to fail. Why deprive yourself and make yourself even more miserable at a time when you’re naturally feeling low? The Christmas decorations have been packed away, leaving the house feeling empty and the excitement and magic of Christmas is now well and truly gone.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike January. In fact, I find the new start quite reassuring – and we as a family have a very exciting year ahead – all going well. All I’m trying to say is that I’m not making any resolutions, promises or goals for 2016 – well not right now anyway!

However, I have just got myself a Nutra Ninja which means I will be naturally eating, or should I say drinking more fruit and vegetables going forward. Its been five days since I picked up my ‘Ninja’ and I must admit, I’m more than a little obsessed! Being almost 30 weeks pregnant, I’m very aware that I haven’t been as healthy as I would have liked to be, so far. Hopefully from now on this will change. Watch this space.


This is today’s juice, which included; kiwi, apple, strawberries, kale and chia seeds.

The other big change that has happened in our house over the past few days is that the girls are finally in their new bunk bed! We’ve been talking about it and promising them a new bed for almost a year now. Poor Poppy has been asking and pleading for a ‘big girl’ bed for the longest time but for many reasons, mainly because the whole bedroom needs a makeover and a new window – and we thought we’d do it all together. Unfortunately, the makeover and new window never happened so the bunk bed got put back and back, until last month I decided to get them a bunk bed and deal with the room and window at a later date.

the girls are now finally in their bunkbed

To say the girls were thrilled would be a big understatement! Especially Poppy, who’s been in her cot bed for way too long and has hated it for the past six months.

After much research and shopping around we finally decided on this ivory, wooden bunk bed from Wayfair. It was a good price for a high quality, lovely looking bed. This particular bunk bed can also be taken apart and used as twin beds, which gives us more options in years to come when the girls no longer want to be (literally) on top of each other.


For now they love their bunk bed and wouldn’t have it any other way. Although, I think they do miss not being able to see each other once they’re in bed. I’ve walked in on them on a few occasions and they’re holding hands or Poppy’s out of her bed looking up at her big sister on the top bunk. I also know that Poppy is getting very desperate to test out the top bunk, which isn’t going down well with Lili for obvious reasons.

After much research and shopping around we finally decided on this off-white, wooden bunked from Wayfair. After much research and shopping around we finally decided on this off-white, wooden bunked from Wayfair. After much research and shopping around we finally decided on this off-white, wooden bunked from Wayfair. After much research and shopping around we finally decided on this off-white, wooden bunked from Wayfair. After much research and shopping around we finally decided on this off-white, wooden bunked from Wayfair. bunk.bed.9

Poor Lili has a black eye from a dancing accident she had on New Year’s Eve, in our kitchen party. She was trying to breakdance with her older cousin and ended up smashing her eye into a cupboard door. Bless her, it was such a big bang I was worried we were destined to spend the night in A&E but thankfully it wasn’t as bad as it had sounded and no major damage was done.

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