Summer Outdoor Activity Cards from Bear Paws

Well it’s officially day one of the summer holidays and predictably the weather has taken a bleak turn. It’s safe to say we’ll be spending this first day indoors but hopefully the weather will get better soon – or it’s going be a very long six and a half weeks! But lets be positive, the sun will come out and when it does I have big plans for long summer days of outdoor adventures and lots of fun activities.

Especially as we’ve got all these activity cards courtesy of our favourite fruity snacks Bear Paws.

Bear Paws have teamed up with The Wildlife Trust for the second year in a row to get our little cubs active outdoors and more interested in wildlife and the environment. To celebrate this partnership they’ve created a set of fun outdoor activity cards, one for every letter of the alphabet – and they’ve written instructions for each activity on the back of the card. You get three fun activity cards in every box of these delicious fruit based treats.

We love Bear Paws for many reasons; mainly they’re fun, tasty and full of goodness. The big thing for me is that they’re made of 100% pure fruit, with no added sugar, preservatives, stabilisers or gumming agents.

As I’ve already mentioned the weather is not great today, so we’re going to be making fun playdough fossils using these; plastic insects, shells, a baking tray and a rolling pin. Let’s start as we mean to go on!

Disclaimer: This is a contributed post.

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